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Client Testimonials

So Glad I Found This Plugin
Great plugin. I tried a lot of plugins before finding this one. I needed something quick and easy for a client with a short deadline. The ones I tried were either too complicated to set up or once set up they conflicted with other plugins and didn’t work. This plugin was easy to set up and had more options than I expected in the free version.

Extremely Happy!
I liked this plugin from the start. Easy to use but I’m no designer. I took the offer for creating a landing page for me. I am very very happy with the result. When I have need of more landing pages I will definitely use their service. Great stuff guys keep it up!

Great Product and Great Service!
When I needed to set up my landing pages, I found Sunny Landing Pages and am so happy I did. Easy to use and great templates to chose from. Customer Service is stellar. Great pricing and great product.

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100+ Wordpress landing page templates - Publish using the plugin in just a few minutes

WordPress Landing Page FAQs

Who will host the wordpress landing page?

  • We will host the landing page for you.
  • However, you can use our WP plugin to set up a landing page URL as per your Wordpress site. This way the landing page will appear to be a natural extension of your WP site for your visitors.

Can I make a 'coming soon' landing page template for my wordpress site?

  • Yes. We have plenty of coming soon templates to choose from. You can also include a countdown timer to add some jazz to your landing page.

How will I get the form data from my wordpress landing page?

  • In the free plan, the form data comes to you as an instant email notification. In paid plans you have the option of unlimited CSV downloads.

Can I use the landing page as the WordPress homepage?

  • Yes, the plugin allows you to set up the page as a normal page, homepage or 404 error page.

Will the Wordpress landing page be fast-loading?

  • Yes. We optimize all our landing page templates for speed. For top performance make sure you use properly compressed images.

Can I change the headline/ subheadline/ any content for these wordpress templates? What about background images and colors?

  • Yes. Use the builder to edit any content or styling before you publish the page.

What happens if I need to edit the Wordpress landing page in the future?

  • You can edit the landing page through our drag and drop builder at any time. Even after publishing the page.

Can I integrate my landing page with my email provider?

  • Yes. The easiest way to integrate your WordPress landing page would be to embed their sign up form. You can also use our Zapier integration.

Can I make more than 1 landing page? Like a thank you page?

  • Yes, you can make unlimited landing pages. You can redirect users to another page after they have filled a form or clicked a button.

Can I use a different language on the WordPress landing page?

  • Yes! Our builder support multi-lingual landing pages for wordpress.

Can I use the template images?

  • Yes, the images are copyright-free from sources such as Pixabay.

Will the landing page be mobile responsive?

  • Yes. Please use the preview option to test across devices. That's how the page will look even after you've integrated with your WordPress site.

Will the Wordpress landing page give me high-conversions?

  • The pages are designed to maximise conversions. But it will also depend on your offering and content copy.

Will the landing page show my wordpress header and footer?

  • No. Our landing page is standalone and will not get any details from the WordPress theme.

Can the landing page be set up to pop up before launching the WordPress homepage?

  • No. We do not offer that feature.

Is it free?

  • The free plan allows you to up to 300 visits per month. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

I am getting a cURL error when I try to login to Sunny Landing Pages using the WP plugin

  • This is due to your server security settings. It's best to contact your server hosting provider. Here's a plugin that just might work for you.

Design and develop your landing page on our drag & drop builder and then use the WP plugin publish your wordpress site.

Top features from our WordPress Landing Page builder:

Mobile Responsive

All templates and pages are mobile responsive by default so you only have to build just once.

Content Sections

Use our ready-made section templates for portflio, pricing, team, header, footer and so much more.

Buttons & Calls to Action

Style your buttons and set up redirect URLs to take the visitor to the right links.

Text Editor

Using our WYSIWYG editor to style your text elements like a pro.

Background and Hero Image

The image editor has some really neat ways to give professional touches and effect to your landing page.

Contact Forms

Use the form-builder to create just about any field. You can then connect the form data to your own systems.

Grid Structure

Our builder follows a unique grid structure which ensures the design layout is structured for all device types.

Tracking and Measurement

Insert Google tracking code and Facebook Pixel code with ease. Make your ads succeed!

Countdown Timer

Use a countdown timer to build that sense of urgency in your page visitors and convert them into leads or sales.


Integrate with 500+ apps including email and CRM like mailchimp, mailerlite, aweber, hubspot etc.


Embed any youtube or vimeo video into your landing page with just a one-line embed code.


Ideal for contact sections- you can embed the location map for any screen size.

Fast - Loading

We work hard to make these the fastest landing pages in the world! Sign up to try it out.

Custom HTML, CSS and Javascript

Add any custom HTML, CSS or Javascript to your landing page for advanced features that don't come out of the box.

How to make a FREE WordPress Landing Page

Read our detailed guide on using the WP landing page plugin.

The WordPress Landing Page plugin is designed to help users publish landing pages to appear as a natural extension of their WordPress websites. Just to be clear, all landing pages are built on our site and are hosted on our site. However, when you use our plugin, you will be able to publish the page on your WordPress website domain and so your website visitors will see the page as a part of your website. Read More..