Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

We believe that fitness should improve your life outside of the gym. 

Gain back your confidence. Push yourself. Do things you never thought possible. 

Do it for you - Live fully with a positive community around you

Do it for your family - So you can be the best version of you for them

Do it for your career - High performers prioritize their health

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Welcome to Your New Fitness Family

Prairie CrossFit guides its members to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves by developing strength in mind and body. Our goal is to help YOU! The Prairie CrossFit community creates a positive, supportive environment to help its members continue to be better than yesterday.

Family Friendly

We offer kids classes as young as 3yrs old along with adult classes so you can work out at the same time. We also offer a gated kids area if you just want to bring your kids to play while you get some fitness in. Additionally, we offer a new parent class so parents can get a workout in while a babysitter watches the baby/kids.

All Levels Programming

We offer programming to meet the needs of every member that comes into the gym. Whether coming off the couch, or a retired athlete getting back into it, we have something for you. Workouts are infinitely scale-able and we will find something that works for your level of fitness. We also offer barbell free classes for those that want the CrossFit programming without the barbell. 

Outstanding Coaches

All of our coaches have been involved with CrossFit for 5+ years. They have been Prairie CrossFit members first then have moved up to coaching. They are heavily involved in our community, always trying to be better coaches  and keeping you safe and moving effectively and efficiently in every class. 

Request More Information

If you're not quite ready to schedule an intro tour or free class with us and you have more questions about our services, please provide your contact information and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What people are saying

Dominique P.

“You should CrossFit” I was told by many! Though it seemed so intimidating. So I joined PCF to try it out - the knowledgeable coaches, the welcoming members and the overall atmosphere in the gym definitely make CrossFit attainable for all, and the reason to come back to this gym every single time. And not to forget, the workouts are intense and challenge you to work on your own vices. Fast forward a year and I’m so pleased to have joined PCF, and most importantly, it’s community! Never looking back!

Mandy L.

“Thank you guys for everything you do! My life has changed a lot since I met you guys and things have been quite difficult at times. Being part of the Prairie CrossFit community and being supported to push myself both physically and mentally has been a positive focus for me and I am very grateful for the experience and the people who’ve made me feel so welcome.” 

Joanie S. 

Awesome community and outstanding coaches!! I personally made a lot of new friends and I feel supported in achieving my goals! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this box 

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