The Webinar Funnel Pack

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  • Includes 6 landing page and 7 email mobile-responsive templates
  • Edit and Publish for free in the builder or download the HTML pack
  • The fastest way to get your Webinar Funnel campaign live.
  • Complete instruction video, Chat-based support

All Funnel Template Packs are free with the Pro Subscription Plan.

The goal of the Webinar Funnel is to educate and inform a target audience about a high-ticket or a complex offering.

Build your own Webinar Funnel

About Webinar Funnel Campaigns

A webinar funnel isn't for everyone. You could choose to go with a webinar funnel if one or more of the following apply:

  • Your product or service is complex in nature
  • You need to educate the target audience in order to convince them about your proposition
  • It is a long sales cycle. In other words, it's not an impulse purchase product
  • It is a high value/ high price product

Once you've decided a Webinar Funnel is right for you should decide whether you would like to have

  1. a webinar event on a specific date or
  2. an evergreen webinar/ educational video

Your funnel assets would need to be set up according to that plan.

Webinar Funnel Assets

The funnel assets for a webinar campaign could include:

  1. Registration Landing Page
  2. Thank you Page (Can also be used to Upsell)
  3. Confirmation Email
  4. Teaser 1 - a pre-frame, video landing page + promotional email
  5. Teaser 2 - a pre-frame, video landing page + promotional email
  6. Final Countdown Reminder emails
  7. Webinar replay email
  8. Webinar replay landing page with call to action

In addition you will need a webinar software to deliver the webinar on the day.

You may also choose to advertise your Webinar on facebook or other channels and you will need to build the ad creatives for that.

About Funnel Template Packs

When you buy a template pack - it's not just a set of templates. We provide the whole infrastructure to design, customize, publish, launch, run your campaign and accurately measure the results.

The Funnel Template packs are designed to enable marketers to launch webinar campaigns super-fast. But they also serve another important purpose - that is to provide the marketer with a framework so that they don't miss out on any critical step.
Each Pack consists of 3 main components:

  1. A Funnel Blueprint or Map
  2. Landing Page wireframe templates
  3. Email wireframe templates

Each of these components are editable with drag & drop visual editors

Create your own Funnel Map

The funnel blueprint map provided here is a broad framework and the marketer should customize the process according to their business needs. It would vary on several factors such as the time duration between the announcement date and the webinar date. Is it a couple of weeks or immediate? If there's time then you will need to build in regular reminders with teaser videos to keep the audience warm and ensure better attendance for the webinar on the date.

You should also plan for two different target audience types - cold audiences and warm audiences. It's best to add in a Use the map builder to make these changes. You can even export the visual which may be useful if you need to circulate for approvals or you need to get a team aligned with you on the plan.

Editing the Landing Pages

Customize each landing page with your brand identity and logo, webinar details, social proof and compelling copy

For the registration landing page you will want to include:

  • A Hero Section with the Webinar Title, Description and a Compelling reason for the audience to attendance
  • Social Proof including testimonials, logos, news items, case studies etc.
  • A calendar icon for adding the webinar details into the participant's calendar.
  • A note on the webinar presenter(s) and their credentials. Add in headshot pictures for good-measure.

For the teaser video pages you will want to use the opportunity to add context and warm up the cold audience. It's also called a 'pre-frame'. Why is a pre-frame important? It's because a cold audience will need some prep to be open to your solutions and discussions during the webinar. You can use the pre-frame pages to build up on the awareness and interest levels for them to be closer to being able to make a decision after the webinar.

The teaser should be small snippet of a video which will build the intrigue.

Editing the Emails

Setup the email autoresponders based on a date/ time or a schedule based on the registered participant's timeline.

Similar to your landing pages, each email needs to be consistent in branding/ identity and styling.

Emails act as great triggers for action. Once someone has opened the email, you will need convince them to take action.
Do remember to make your subject line copy as intriguing as possible!

Publishing your Webinar campaign

The best part of this Pack is that it enables you publish the pages on your domain and send emails using your domain.
Publishing and Launch/ Go-live take a few seconds

Measuring the Performance

This is where the journey begins. You need to measure the performance of your campaign metrics. This will include:

  • Traffic to Pages
  • Conversion Rates
  • Leads Generated
  • Emails sent
  • Emails opened/ clicked
  • Webinar attendance
  • Webinar replay clicks
  • Finally, sales made after the Webinar

Keep a keen eye on these metrics as you are running the campaign to be able to predict the likely participation and sales from the event.