Absolutely not. We don't believe in contracts and all our plans are on a month by month basis. You can cancel and upgrade your plans anytime.

If you go over your allowed number of unique page visits, your pages will be taken offline until the month rolls over. However, you will get an email once you reach 80%, 90% and 100% of your page visits for the month giving you the option to upgrade your plan.

Setting up custom domains is pretty easy. You need to setup a CNAME record for your subdomain to point to our designated IP address. It’s a simple 3 step process.

  1. Just log into your hosting control panel and look for DNS Settings section (or something similar) for the domain name you have set up.
  2. Add a CNAME record. This process differs from host to host. Refer specific instructions article for some common web hosting providers.
  3. Make your CNAME record for ‘subdomain entry’ and have it point to

We've invested a lot of resources in making sure the platform is user friendly and simple. However, if you still feel you need special training, then reach us at

Yes we can. We do offer a managed service in Ultimate plan whereby we design and take care of your landing pages, help you plan and execute your marketing campaigns and also provide ongoing advice on how to improve your campaigns to get better results. Reach us at to initiate the conversation.

Well, yes. However, you still have to drive traffic to your pages and have good content on the landing pages itself. Check our Page Builder section for some great landing page design ideas. All pages you create are mobile responsive by default which gives you an edge over others.

No, our unique grid based framework gives you complete flexibility to customize templates, rearrange page elements or design your own. And unlike other platforms where landing page for desktop and mobile needs to be build separately, you just create one page, rest our powerful tool takes care.

We take data security very seriously. All customer data is securely stored in Sunny data center, and the network design ensures no unauthorized access.

You do! It's your data after all. You will receive alerts each time a visitor submits their contact information on your landing page. You can also export incoming lead information in paid plans.

We integrate heat map analytics in each page you build to track your visitors’ behavior by tracking their click pattern. Analyze what your visitors are looking at and if required reposition the page elements and optimize conversions.

Got more questions, reach us anytime.

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