Landing Page Templates - Author and Ebook

  • Empty Canvas

    Every great design starts with an empty canvas. Build your Landing page from scratch.

  • Report Download Landing Page Template

    Report Download

    Promote your business report, whitepaper or freebie download offer using this minimalist landing page template.

  • E-Book Download Landing Page Template

    E-Book Download

    Promote your campaign ebook, whitepaper or freebies using this shiny landing page template. It really works!

  • Squeeze page for Bloggers Landing Page Template

    Squeeze page for Bloggers

    Engage your audience and build your email list with this conversion-focused squeeze landing page template.

  • Thank you for Subscribing Landing Page Template

    Thank you for Subscribing

    A stellar follow-up thank you page where a registered visitor can find the link to the download as promised in the landing page.

  • Squeeze for Conversions Landing Page Template

    Squeeze for Conversions

    Squeeze out extra conversions with an ultra-focused squeeze landing page template with bright and vibrant colors.

  • 21 Secrets for Writers Landing Page Template

    21 Secrets for Writers

    Offer a power-packed download as an incentive for building your email list. Give your audience secrets to success with this template.

  • Online Course in Writing Landing Page Template

    Online Course in Writing

    A template to capture leads for online learning courses for professionals. Build a great email subscriber list with this template.

  • Self Publish Landing Page Template

    Self Publish

    Looking to reach out to self-publishing authors? Get started on your marketing with this apt landing page design.

  • Women Who Read Landing Page Template

    Women Who Read

    Target your female readers or a female audience segments with this dreamy, surreal landing page template.

  • New Book Release Landing Page Template

    New Book Release

    Announce the big launch of your brand new book with this slick, elegant monochrome landing page template.

  • Beach Holiday Landing Page Template

    Beach Holiday

    A picture perfect beach and an engrossing book. This template is going to strike a chord with your female audience.

  • Children Book Launch Landing Page Template

    Children’s Book Launch

    Offer a free chapter as a teaser of your new book. Build an email list from your target audience while you’re at it!

  • Writing Fan Fiction Landing Page Template

    Writing Fan Fiction

    A template for magic, fantasy and make-believe. A great aesthetic to start building a Fan Fiction related email list.

  • An Apple a Day Landing Page Template

    An Apple a Day

    Use this template for a teacher training event or an online course. Generate lots of leads and email subscriptions with this one.

  • Books for Kids Landing Page Template

    Books for Kids

    Young parents beware! With this adorable laughing toddler – you’ll get pulled in. Use this template for targeting parents for kid books.

  • Antique Books for Sale Landing Page Template

    Antique Books for Sale

    Organizing a book sale? Whether your books are old or new, this template will get you lots of signups and leads.

  • Dragon Tattoo Landing Page Template

    Dragon Tattoo

    A standout author template for a book launch with click through to order and share. Has ready buttons to amazon and itunes sites.

  • Mockingbird Landing Page Template


    A classy coming soon template for books that has a lead capture form, a review section and clickthroughs to purchase links.