Landing Page Templates - All

  • Empty Canvas

    Every great design starts with an empty canvas. Build your Landing page from scratch.

  • Thank you for sign up

    Thank you for sign up

    A simple, basic landing page template to say thanks and give instructions to the people who filled information in the forms.

  • Thanks for Signing up

    Thanks for Signing up

    A landing page template to say thanks and give instructions to the people who filled in their contact information in the form.

  • Thank You for Registering

    Thank You for Registering

    A landing page template set up as a redirect from the primary landing page to say thank you for registering on the form.

  • Subscription thank you

    Subscription thank you

    A follow-up landing page template for using once someone has filled in a form or click on a primary Call to Action.

  • Coaching downloads

    Coaching downloads

    Coaches can use this template to set up freebies or give-aways for building their email subscriber base or collecting leads.

  • All kinds of Insurance

    All kinds of Insurance

    Offer a wide range of insurance plans and policies through this broad-focused insurance landing page template.

  • Education


    Show case your online courses and get more sign-ups with this great education targeted landing page template.

  • Body-Building Gym

    Body-Building Gym

    Get fit and good looking. A body-building gym landing page template done right with great images and lead capture.

  • Blockchain Event

    Blockchain Event

    Get people to sign up for your blockchain conference or seminar with this event landing page template.

  • Mortgage eBook Guide

    Mortgage eBook Guide

    Offer a cool guide for mortgage seekers as a lead magnet for your mortgage business online digital campaigns.

  • Life Coach Video Landing Page Template

    Life Coach Video

    A follow up landing page template with video for coaches, spiritual guru’s, mentors and online trainers and their videos.

  • Report Download Landing Page Template

    Report Download

    Promote your business report, whitepaper or freebie download offer using this minimalist landing page template.

  • E-Book Download Landing Page Template

    E-Book Download

    Promote your campaign ebook, whitepaper or freebies using this shiny landing page template. It really works!

  • Sorry Webinar Over Landing Page Template

    Sorry, Webinar’s Over

    Get up to 20% signups extra from your webinar event by keeping the registration page open and available after the event.

  • Squeeze page for Bloggers Landing Page Template

    Squeeze page for Bloggers

    Engage your audience and build your email list with this conversion-focused squeeze landing page template.

  • Thank you for Subscribing Landing Page Template

    Thank you for Subscribing

    A stellar follow-up thank you page where a registered visitor can find the link to the download as promised in the landing page.

  • Squeeze for Conversions Landing Page Template

    Squeeze for Conversions

    Squeeze out extra conversions with an ultra-focused squeeze landing page template with bright and vibrant colors.

  • Fitness eBook Download Landing Page Template

    Fitness eBook Download

    Bodybuilding and weight training aren’t for everyone. Target your niche audience with this hyper-targeted landing page template.

  • Yoga Class for Moms Landing Page Template

    Yoga Class for Moms

    A landing page template for yoga class teachers to specifically target young mothers and stay-at-home moms.

  • Dance & Yoga Studio Landing Page Template

    Dance & Yoga Studio

    A studio in the performing arts such as Dance or just regular Yoga class for adults could use this landing page template.

  • Gym Membership Landing Page Template

    Gym Membership

    A landing page template for gyms and fitness centers to get people to sign up for their offers and membership plans.

  • Fitness for Life Landing Page Template

    Fitness for Life

    A landing page template with a beautiful, strong, confident female runner that’s just right for a health and fitness campaign.

  • The Fitness Army Landing Page Template

    The Fitness Army

    A health and fitness landing page template with a silhouette of a fit, running girl with the sun in the background.

  • 21 Secrets for Writers Landing Page Template

    21 Secrets for Writers

    Offer a power-packed download as an incentive for building your email list. Give your audience secrets to success with this template.

  • Online Course in Writing Landing Page Template

    Online Course in Writing

    A template to capture leads for online learning courses for professionals. Build a great email subscriber list with this template.

  • Self Publish Landing Page Template

    Self Publish

    Looking to reach out to self-publishing authors? Get started on your marketing with this apt landing page design.

  • Women Who Read Landing Page Template

    Women Who Read

    Target your female readers or a female audience segments with this dreamy, surreal landing page template.

  • New Book Release Landing Page Template

    New Book Release

    Announce the big launch of your brand new book with this slick, elegant monochrome landing page template.

  • Beach Holiday Landing Page Template

    Beach Holiday

    A picture perfect beach and an engrossing book. This template is going to strike a chord with your female audience.

  • Children Book Launch Landing Page Template

    Children’s Book Launch

    Offer a free chapter as a teaser of your new book. Build an email list from your target audience while you’re at it!

  • Productivity Hacks Landing Page Template

    Productivity Hacks

    Who doesn’t like getting stuff done? Target small business folks & professionals with advice on improving productivity.

  • Writing Fan Fiction Landing Page Template

    Writing Fan Fiction

    A template for magic, fantasy and make-believe. A great aesthetic to start building a Fan Fiction related email list.

  • An Apple a Day Landing Page Template

    An Apple a Day

    Use this template for a teacher training event or an online course. Generate lots of leads and email subscriptions with this one.

  • Books for Kids Landing Page Template

    Books for Kids

    Young parents beware! With this adorable laughing toddler – you’ll get pulled in. Use this template for targeting parents for kid books.

  • Antique Books for Sale Landing Page Template

    Antique Books for Sale

    Organizing a book sale? Whether your books are old or new, this template will get you lots of signups and leads.

  • Apartments For Rent Landing Page Template

    Apartments For Rent

    A template for real estate listings with a focused form to get them started. Also contains listing images and a special offer.

  • Attractive Landing Page Template


    An eyecatching single section coming soon template with a countdown timer and click through buttons that can published quickly.

  • Auto Car Sale Landing Page Template

    Auto Car Sale

    An eye catching single section product purchase template that can be published quickly. Add an image, headline and description.

  • Auto Fix Landing Page Template

    Auto Fix

    A single section coming soon template for product or service launches. Can be published quickly. Has lead capture form as well.

  • Awesome Landing Page Template


    A beautiful one section coming soon template that generates leads through a subscription form and has links to social pages.

  • Belissima Landing Page Template


    A single section coming soon template with a countdown timer. Has a lead generation form and social share buttons.

  • Book A Babysitter Landing Page Template

    Book A Babysitter

    A template for companies that provide personal trainers, babysitters, tutors, etc. Can be used by freelancers/ solopreneurs also.

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Landing Page Template

    12 Days Of Christmas

    Counting down days till Christmas? Has a timer counting down till the day. Use it for your event, party or holiday offer.

  • C V Planet Landing Page Template

    C V Planet

    A click through template that details product offerings of a recruitment firm with buttons to order and get more information.

  • Castle Treat Real Estate Landing Page Template

    Castle Treat Real Estate

    A multi section real estate template to showcase a single or multiple properties. Has a sign up form and map.

  • Coming Soon 2 Landing Page Template

    Coming Soon 2

    A single section lead capture template with a background image and clear Call To Action form as the single focus.

  • Counter Landing Page Template


    A basic single section coming soon template with a countdown timer and lead generation form that can be published quickly.

  • Counter Two Landing Page Template

    Counter 2

    A pictersque software product launch coming soon template with a countdown timer. Also has a lead generation form.

  • Course Enrollment Landing Page Template

    Course Enrollment

    A university, school or online course enrollment template with a lead form and download prospectus and click through buttons.

  • Customer Support App Landing Page Template

    Customer Support App

    A great template for web or mobile app offerings. Lists out features and generates leads in a single screen template.

  • Dragon Tattoo Landing Page Template

    Dragon Tattoo

    A standout author template for a book launch with click through to order and share. Has ready buttons to amazon and itunes sites.

  • Easy Money Landing Page Template

    Easy Money

    A template for your web application or mobile application. Has a clear Call To Action(CTA) with lead sign up forms at top and bottom.

  • Trip To New York Landing Page Template

    Trip To New York

    A single section travel and tourism template that has dazzles visitors. Capture leads in numbers for your latest travel offering.

  • Mini 4 Landing Page Template

    Mini 4

    Template 4 of 5 minimalist landing page templates. Get a basic and clean layout and publish it in just a few minutes.

  • Mini 5 Landing Page Template

    Mini 5

    Get a minimalist aesthetic, lead-gen landing page template. This is template 5 of 5 of the 'Mini' Series of templates

  • Mockingbird Landing Page Template


    A classy coming soon template for books that has a lead capture form, a review section and clickthroughs to purchase links.

  • Photography Landing Page Template


    A single section coming soon template with clickthroughs to other pages of the website. Has clickthrough to a lead capture page.

  • House Insurance Landing Page Template

    House Insurance

    A Template for Homeowners and Renters Insurance as well as other insurance offerings. Contains lead generation form and clickthroughs.

  • Home Mortgage Landing Page Template

    Home Mortgage

    House Mortgage template with a lead form to get quotes and a clickthrough button for getting a consultation.

  • Join Us Landing Page Template

    Join Us

    A recruitment firm lead generation template with a lead generation form, promotional video and pricing plans.

  • Learn Language Landing Page Template

    Learn Language

    Template for an educational course or classes with a clickthrough to your registration page and lead gen form for free material.

  • Home4u Real Estate Landing Page Template

    Home4u Real Estate

    A property for sale or properties for sale template perfect for real estate firms and agencies. Has a lead generation form

  • Website Coming Soon Landing Page Template

    Website Coming Soon

    A simple place-holder website to inform visitors that the website is under construction and will be available very soon.

  • New Cafe Landing Page Template

    New Cafe

    A single section coming soon template for a restuarant, cafe or shop. Has facebook, twitter and youtube buttons.

  • Holiday Landing Page Template


    An striking travel destination template with focus on the beautiful backdrop. Has a countdown timer and subscription lead form.

  • Insurance Policies Landing Page Template

    Insurance Policies

    An attractive one section coming soon template with subscription form and social buttons. Main focus is the backkground image.

  • Newsletter Box Landing Page Template

    Newsletter Box

    A lead generation template with the single focus of converting visitors into leads or subscribers to a newsletter.

  • VIP Bank Landing Page Template

    VIP Bank

    A clickthrough product showcase template that describes the different services offered by a banking and investement firm.

  • Free Insurance Quotes Landing Page Template

    Free Insurance Quotes

    An insurance clickthrough template that showcases different product offerings and has buttons for more information and to get quotations

  • Haunted Halloween Landing Page Template

    Haunted Halloween

    A haunting lead gen template for halloween with a cat, a grave, a crow, bleeding font, a spooky moon.. what more could you ask for?

  • Wine Landing Page Template


    A template advertising a wine investment opportunity by an investment firm. Has a lead generation form with a backdrop.

  • My Show Landing Page Template

    My Show

    A event or performance booking template with a touch of class. Contains click through buttons to purchase tickets.

  • Real Estate Landing Page Template

    Real Estate

    A real estate lead generation template with great CTAs (Call To Actions) on top and bottom of the page.

  • Jingle Bells Landing Page Template

    Jingle Bells

    A basic Christmas skin template that can be used to quickly create a landing page with festive cheer. Add a button or form.

  • Talent Sea Landing Page Template

    Talent Sea

    An aesthetically pleasing clickthrough template with a clear Call To Action as the main focus. Links to your register page.

  • Halloween Countdown Landing Page Template

    Halloween Countdown

    Counting down days till Halloween? This template has a timer that will run till Halloween. Use it for an event/ party/ offer!

  • Halloween Ghost Landing Page Template

    Halloween Ghost

    A lead gen template perfect for Halloween offers. Set it up within minutes and instantly launch an amazing campaign.

  • Notify Landing Page Template


    A notify on arrival coming soon template for a software application or any other product with a lead capture form.

  • Get Appointment Landing Page Template

    Get Appointment

    A comprehensive lead generation template for doctors, dentists, private practitioners, clinics, counsellors and hospitals.

  • Organic Farming Landing Page Template

    Organic Farming

    A single page free trial lead generation template. Can be published quickly and customized to suit needs.

  • Real Estate Agent Landing Page Template

    Real Estate Agent

    A hard-hitting real estate template to guaranteed to get you great leads. Punch in your realtor's details and hit publish!

  • Mini 1 Landing Page Template

    Mini 1

    A simple, basic and clean layout to suit a minimalist aesthetic for a lead generation landing page for just about any industry.

  • Ball Room Workshop Landing Page Template

    Ball Room Workshop

    An elaborate sign up or enrollment template for a workshop or classes or course of some kind. Has lead form and map element.

  • Holiday Season Landing Page Template

    Holiday Season

    A lead gen template for holiday season with a Christmas red color scheme. Can add a mail attachment that will be sent to the lead.

  • Insurance Agency Landing Page Template

    Insurance Agency

    A lead generation template for insurance products. Outlines different product offerings and generates leads with a form.

  • Event Booking Landing Page Template

    Event Booking

    A comprehensive event booking template with a countdown timer, maps, promotional video and clickthroughs to buy tickets.

  • Back To School Landing Page Template

    Back To School

    A template for Schools, Colleges and any other Education Providers with a lead capture form and clickthroughs.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Landing Page Template

    Halloween Pumpkin

    Launch your spooky, scary Halloween campaigns in just a few minutes with this striking lead gen landing page template.

  • University Landing Page Template


    A great template for universities, schools and other educational institutions for generating leads and getting subscribers.

  • Skin Beauty Secrets Landing Page Template

    Skin Beauty Secrets

    Skyrocket your mailing list with this landing page template for beauty, wellness, spa, salon or women's health publishers.

  • Coming Soon Landing Page Template

    Coming Soon

    An attractive one section coming soon template with subscription form and social buttons. Main focus is the background image.

  • Mini 6 Landing Page Template

    Mini 6

    Template 2 of 5 minimalist landing page templates with a basic and clean layout for just about any industry.

  • Mantra Landing Page Template


    A very pleasing coming soon template with countdown timer. Has a lead generation form and feature listing.

  • Top Page Landing Page Template

    Top Page

    A clean and simple coming soon template with a countdown timer. All focus is on a stunning background image.