YAY! Now you can download the HTML of your landing page

June 30, 2017


Sunny Landing Pages is now also an HTML Landing Page Builder.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest feature – HTML downloads.

Many folks case to us and said, “Hey – I love your templates and it’s a very user-friendly builder but I need to be able to host the page by myself”.

Sometimes this is driven by the specific URL structure. You might  your own URL sub-folder structure rather thant the sub-domain feature offered by Sunny Landing Pages. e.g. page rather than

Other times this is due to corporate or enterprise policies which do not permit for 3rd party hosting due to sensitive data or control on availability SLAs.

Finally, most importantly, it might be because you’re looking for the most cost effective solution for your DIY campaign and you’re not ready for a monthly subscription yet.

So, for all these reasons, we’ve now made it possible for you to Download the HTML for any landing page build on our site.

To start with this feature is included if you’re a Professional Tier Subscriber to our platform. Very soon, we will be introducing an HTML download option for a one-time fee for all other subscribers.

So, here’s how it works. Just like normal, you start by looking at the landing page templates:

Landing Page templates gallery

Let’s say you like the first template, Auto Car Sale. Click on View Template

View Landing Page template

Click on Start Building to launch the drag and drop Sunny Landing Page Builder. It will look something like this.

Landing Page Builder_auto car sale

Now you can easily edit any of the elements – let’s say we want to change the heading ‘Book This Limited Time Edition..’. Just double-click on that heading. Here I’ve edited both headline and sub-headline:

Landing Page Builder_headline edit

Let’s assume that that’s all the changes you’d like to make on the page. Now it’s time to preview how the page looks on a mobile and tablet (apart from the desktop version). This is just to verify the page is mobile responsive.

Remember the page will remain mobile responsive even after you download it and use it on your own server. Isn’t that awesome?

Click on the Preview icon on the top

Landing Page Builder_mobile preview

Ok – so we’re happy with the page now. Time to go and click on Publish. For the time being you can select WWW domain based publishing and selecting as your domain.

Landing Page Builder_publish view

Now that the page is published. Let’s head back to the dashboard.

If you’re a Professional Tier Subscriber then you will see this icon in your account. The icon is highlighted in red in this image below:

Landing Page Builder_download icon

Click on the button and you’ll see the downloaded HTML file in your browser. Highlighted here below.

Landing Page Builder_download zip

Remember, this is a zip file. To check and see whether the HTML is working fine, first you have to unzip the file on your computer.

Once you have unzipped the folder, just double click on the file which is named Index.

Landing Page Builder_download zip file

Once you click on the file – you will see the same landing page launch in your browser. You can see in the screenshot below, I am launching the landing page from my local files and it matches the edited HTML which we build on the landing page builder.

So, in effect, Sunny Landing Pages now acts as an HTML Landing Page Builder.

At this stage, the Tech folks wouldn’t have much problem in uploading this page to their websites. If you’re a marketer who isn’t confident about self-hosting, then I’ll recommend you use our hosting and we’ll get your custom domain set up for you.

If you’re using WordPress, then again I would recommend that you use our hosting and our WordPress plugin to integrate the page to your site.

In case you have any trouble – you can always reach us at sunny (at)

Enjoy Maadi


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