Writing For Landing Pages: Practical Tips From A Professional Content Creator

May 17, 2021

Landing pages are a vital part of any website. They’re a valuable digital marketing tool used to generate leads and achieve a specific target.

As such, marketers and website admins need to ensure that their landing page achieves its goals and captures the attention of visitors instantly.

Many companies offer advice on the technical aspects of building landing pages. For example, this content creation and link building agency shares its tips on the best landing page plugins for WordPress.

While the technical side of building a landing page is vital, so too is the content that you put on it. Many companies overlook this factor and end up creating responsive, innovative landing pages that still don’t meet their needs because their content is irrelevant and not engaging.

That’s why we’ve put together these practical tips to help business leaders and digital marketers to enhance their landing page content writing.

Think About The Purpose Of Your Landing Page

Before you start building a plan for your landing page content, you need to consider what your aims are and why you’re building the landing page in the first place.

The purpose of your landing page will determine the type of content that you produce, as well as the type of media that you use.

For example, if you’re trying to offer a tutorial or free resource, then you might want to consider using videos or images.

You’ll also need to make sure that the content is long enough to share all of the information that your reader expects.

However, if your landing page is going to offer a deal or discount code, then you won’t need as much content, and instead, you might want to use large images to attract a reader’s attention.

Focus On The Reader’s Expectations And Requirements

Once you’ve considered the purpose of your landing page, you need to think about what your reader is looking for from it.

When you’re writing for SEO, the best approach is to aim to give the reader what they want and provide relevant, engaging content.

That’s because Google when it created its search algorithm, aimed to offer readers the best content that meets their needs.

Google gives digital marketers advice and insight into how its search algorithm works, so you can learn more about how to understand what a potential reader might want and provide it on your landing page.

Introduce Keywords Naturally

While readers considerations are essential when creating a landing page, you also need to think about SEO and introduce your target keywords as much as required.

That means learning about your primary phrase and the associated terms that you need to include alongside it.

Once you have a list of target keyword and phrases, you need to introduce them naturally into your content.

While many SEO tools will recommend a number of keywords for you, it’s important that you use these numbers as suggestions.

If you try to shoehorn extra keywords into your content, then it will be obvious and won’t engage readers.

One ranking factor is traffic and the amount of time a user spends on your page, so if readers are turned off and leave your landing page immediately, then you could damage your SEO with excess keywords rather than enhancing it.

Incorporate Internal Backlinks

Linking to other pages on your website might seem pointless, but it’s actually a vital part of your SEO strategy.

That’s because internal backlinks can help you to show search engines the relevance of your web pages.

It can also help you to increase traffic to the relevant pages on your site and funnel your website visitors through the sales and marketing process.


Writing content for landing pages requires skill, research and time. It’s not as simple as just throwing the keywords onto a page anymore.

Google’s search algorithm is more sophisticated today, and readers have exceptionally high expectations.

So, you should use these tips and take your time to craft the perfect landing page content that will help you to achieve your goals, generate quality leads for your business and more.

Alongside these tips, you also need to incorporate the basics of content writing, such as proofreading your content thoroughly and adjusting your language to suit your reader.

All of that might sound like a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the end when your landing page achieves your business goals.


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