A well-targeted landing page :: 4 key elements

January 8, 2019

targeted landing page

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Landing pages are some of the most effective ways that businesses use to generate quality traffic to their websites. One thing’s for sure, an effective landing page strategy promises better conversion numbers. That being said, you may as well invest in creating landing pages that will result in better sales numbers.

One way to approach this is through a targeted landing page.

This tactic involves creating specific content based on the interests, preferences, and even attitudes of certain segments of your market. It’s targeted strictly because it’s personalized for certain groups.

This makes your marketing narrower, enabling you to focus on building a campaign specifically for these segments.

But how do you create an effective targeted landing page strategy? Let’s look at the most important elements that will deliver the best results.

  1. Draft out your plan and goals

Of course, before you proceed, you will need to have a clear action plan of the things you will need to do to drive success with this strategy.

Since targeted landing pages are highly specific, you may want to run an account-based marketing or ABM campaign. You will also need to define your goals, whether or not you’re more focused on getting high-quality leads or conversions.

Either way, it’s important to brush up on the elements of an ABM campaign before you can start forming your landing page strategy.

  1. Craft engaging content

A targeted landing page has to be both engaging and informative. In this sense, it has to include data and information that are essential to the needs of potential clients. For longer engagements with new visitors to your site, you will have to ensure that the content you develop for your landing pages is fully optimized.

For this, your content has to be precise, concise, and clear so that you can easily get your message across. You will also need to design your landing pages in a way that makes your content readable and brings out its full impact on your clients.

  1. Use the right keywords

Search engine authority is the key to a successful campaign, so you will need to add relevant keyword-rich text to your landing pages. Keyword research is vital if you want a good mix of organic and referral traffic.

Make sure to find keywords you can align with the nature of your business as well as the products and services you’re selling.

  1. Optimize your site speed

Even if you have a well-thought out content strategy for your targeted landing page campaign, you won’t be able to convert new business if your site takes forever to load.

In this era where everything is supposed to be instantaneous, people won’t stand waiting too long for a single landing page to load. Either they wait it out (which makes for bad customer experience) or they “bounce” off your site.

No one likes a slow site speed, so if you want people to stay and explore your other offers in depth, you will have to limit your HTTP requests and compress your images so they can load faster. Doing so can help you load your landing pages within just three seconds.

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