Web Development Trends To Master For 2019

December 13, 2018

web trends for 2019


As we all know, the tech industry is a fickle realm. It changes direction almost as if it had a whim of its own. One may think that such a field might be difficult to conquer. The hard truth is that it is. However, the dynamic that rules over the tech industry is exactly what keeps it such a profitable field to compete in.


If you want to stay on top of things, you need to be well-informed and you need to be able to adapt quickly. The tech industry is no place to be stagnant and rigid. Those who are rigid are often dethroned by upstarts that are more flexible in their approach.


The beauty here is that the industry is dynamic, alive, even. And on those words, what exactly do you need to keep your eye on if you want to level up your WordPress development business in 2019? Read on!




The devil is in the details, they always say. And well, if it’s web development we’re talking about, they’re definitely not wrong. Microinteractions contribute greatly to the quality of the user experience. These include animations, keys, and other small details such as progress bars and animated images. Of course, you could do this yourself, but alternately, you could also have WordPress Development experts do it for you.


Video Headers


Video headers aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been around for quite a while. However, it’s going to send a strong message to your website visitors that you have a keen eye for detail and that you don’t just make mediocre websites. Video headers are great when you want to stress a point or share a digital presentation. The majority of sites are undoubtedly going to use video headers. Use this information accordingly.


Video Backgrounds


Much like video headers, video backgrounds are meant to add to the visuals of a website. Sure, they’re nothing new either, but that’s the way the wind is blowing. Fortunately, both video headers and backgrounds are rather simple to implement, which is great given the positive effect that they’re going to have on your site.


Colors and Contrasts


Colors have been proven by the principles of psychology to have the ability to evoke certain emotions in the beholder. This information is a potent tool in calling for action when you’re able to use colors to encourage certain feelings. You can use colors to convey certain emotions and to give a sense of urgency. Additionally, colors and contrasts can be used to simply create an aesthetically pleasing site that’s sure to attract any visitor.


Mobile Device Compatibility
One of the most important trends to note going into 2019 is mobile device compatibility. Sure, it’s already a trend. But one simply cannot fully express how important it is for your website to be fine-tuned for mobile viewing. As you may have noticed, the majority of people already own smartphones. It’s also a well-known fact that people would rather use their phones to view online content versus viewing the same content on a computer.


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