Ways To Get People To Your Landing Page

August 28, 2020

So you’ve got yourself a beautifully designed and intuitive landing page; awesome! Now comes the next bit… getting people to land on it.

There are a few approaches you can take that will work really well, and even more so if you combine a few of them together.

Email marketing

This is possibly the most powerful tool you can use. Getting an email out to people who already know you or your business is almost guaranteed to get you hits, because they are already ‘warm’, meaning they already know who you are and you don’t have to convince them of your worth – you’re just letting them know that you have a new page.

Sending out hundreds of emails manually is a pretty grim thought, so most people choose to automate their email marketing. A good email marketing campaign will be designed so that it sends out the right personalized email to each type of potential customer, at the right time, based on parameters that you plug in to your automation software.

Your customers will feel as though they have received a personal note from you, and you don’t have to sit there typing for days on end. It’s a win win!

Optimize your landing page for SEO

If you optimize your landing page for SEO, meaning that it ranks higher in Google searches, more people will find your site, which means more hits.

You can do this by ensuring that the content on your site:

  • Uses keywords relevant to your audience. Include phrases within your copy that match what your audience is likely to be searching for, and avoid technical or complicated language.
  • Is relevant. It’s more effective to keep the content on your site specific to one theme, rather than trying to cover multiple areas at once. This is because Google will be able to tell what your site is about more easily, and therefore return it for relevant searches.
  • Is informative. Include content that is what your customers will actually find useful, and try to address common issues or problems that they have.


Good SEO optimization relies on off-page factors as well, such as backlinks and social media. A backlink is a link to your site from another site. To improve your Google ranking, a backlink must:

  • Be from a site that is already trusted by Google.
  • Be from a site that is relevant to your industry.
  • Be a natural link that enhances the content on the origin site, and is not a shameless plug.

A good backlinking strategy can be tricky to put together, as it means knowing which sites are trusted and considered relevant to your industry, and then cultivating a good enough relationship with those sites that they are willing to link to yours. Many people utilize a link building service for this task, as they have the experience and expertise to put together a well-researched strategy that will deliver results.

Utilize influencers

Another great way to get people to your landing page is to use an influencer. This means finding someone who has a large following on social media, and ideally is well known in your industry. A recommendation from a trusted person like that will generate hits.


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