Now you can Version Control your Landing Pages

June 2, 2017

We’re pleased to launch a new feature as part of our builder – Version Control.

If you’re like me then you like ‘trying things out’ on your landing page. You could want to change the layout, change some copy or change the color scheme.

Most of the time, after the changes are made, I want to discard those changes and revert to the previous version that I liked best.

Most people are used to working with Microsoft products like Word or Powerpoint or even Website Content Management Systems like WordPress. Those systems have a nice way of tracking previously saved versions.

That’s why we’ve launch version control in the landing page builder.

It’s the clock icon which says History when you hover on it.

version control for landing pages

Now suppose, I wanted to re-arrange the elements a bit and I make a new version to look like this:

version 2 of landing page

Now if I decide I like the previous version better then all I have to do is click on the clock icon on top to get a list of my previously saved versions.

It will look something like this:

landing page version 3

It shows you the active version and the previously saved versions. So in this case if I click on version 1, it will revert to the first design.

version control for landing pages

Another great feature for our great customers!





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