How Universities Can Reach More Students with Content Marketing

July 26, 2018


In recent years, content marketing has spread like wildfire. It is true that there is curated content everywhere these days, but the quality of content is still highly important. A wide variety of sectors are using it to make progress. It also has a great impact on the education sector. Like other sectors, higher education needs content marketing. If you visit the websites of some renowned universities, you will find that those websites look very similar. There are so many similarities. If a student wants to receive higher education, he or she will visit the websites of some universities to know about the facilities they offer.


Universities that have good material on their websites attract more students than those who have poor quality text. That is why it is important for universities to focus on content marketing. There is no doubt that with the power of good material, universities can attract more and more students. In this post, we will show how universities can attract more and more students with effective marketing.


So where should you start?


First of all, universities should take this marketing strategy seriously, because it is a good form of marketing. But what is content marketing, really? Content is not very different from other types of marketing procedures. This site will answer some of your questions.  Marketing is an ongoing process, and it is always undergoing changes. By focusing on its website, a university can surely attract students to their programs. To get the job done quickly and easily, a university can set up a lead capture landing page for downloading resources. It can help a university increase its revenue. So you should plan a marketing procedure accordingly.


Do not ignore this effective form of marketing. Different types of content can help you spread the word about a particular educational institute. It takes a short time too. This marketing can be done is both online and offline marketing. You must embrace the fact that it is an effective form of marketing.


Creating the Content

Writing high-quality text takes time, resources and energy, but eventually, it will pay back. You may not choose to spend the time to write good posts, but it will ultimately take you nowhere. If you have good material on your website, it will help you get SEO rankings and gain traffic. Writing posts for websites is a good profession now. Many writers now make a living writing academic papers. If you are a student and you can not find time to write your academic papers, you can now pay to get your assignment done. Websites that have original posts get more exposure. Recently Google has penalized many sites that have duplicate text and other materials. That means websites with original items are rewarded.


Attracting more and more students to the university is the purpose behind your content. You have to tailor the content to that purpose. What is content marketing strategy doing for universities these days? It is doing a host of good things. You can do pretty well as a content marketer if you know some good strategies. When you are setting up a website, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. You must write an original text. Yes, you will have to spend some time to write original text, but Google will reward you in the long run. Do not rehash the same concepts. That means, your ideas should be original. You should also try to think positively and express your ideas in a confident way, create strong headlines, make it actionable, provide answers and be accurate.


You also have to make sure that the content remains relevant for at least a few years in the future. Write your text in such a way that visitors read it after a few years, with enthusiasm. Writing which remains relevant for a long time can make appeals to more and more visitors.


Make it easily accessible 

Most universities these days are implementing responsive web design. This is partly because many internet users access websites with mobile devices. Especially younger people access content via mobile devices. It is also a good idea to make it a free educational site. Research shows that the number of these users is increasing rapidly. Make sure your site can be accessed from any platform. You should particularly focus on landing pages. High-converting landing pages can make your audience deeply engaged.   If the website is non-responsive, smartphone users will find the site difficult to navigate, and as a result, they will stop visiting the site. So if there is any obstacle, remove it.


Publishing Your Content

Before you publish your content, you must make sure that it is error-free. But that is only one aspect of your text. You also have to pay attention to some other things. You may have some sub-goals, and your material must be aligned with them. When it comes to writing text for a university website, the main objective is to attract students. If the website can serve as a student portal, it will get more traffic. That is why you have to create content that tells the students why this particular university can be a good choice. Before publishing the website, make sure that the articles meet the objectives.


It is also important to optimize the content for keywords. You can easily achieve your SEO goals by linking your content to other relevant sites. There is related content on or off your website, and you have to link your posts to them.


Are the headlines attractive enough? Make them as magnetic as you can. If your headlines can draw your readers, they will read the content.


To publish your website, find a suitable web hosting plan, properly set up your website and publish it.


Distributing the content

Content distribution is a very important part of the process. The more students you reach, the more likely you are to draw them. A great way to distribute content is to do guest blogging. This is a very simple but effective strategy to get more traffic. Posting content to various communities is another effective strategy. If you publish your university website content on 20 different communities, the chances are that some people will visit your site. Ebook syndication is another effective method of distributing what you write. Making an ebook is a very simple process. You just need to convert your Word document into a PDF. There is some very good document sharing sites that can help you distribute your content.


In recent years, content marketing has become a very important and effective tool. If you do it well, you will be able to reach your target audience within a short time. Communicating with your target audience is no longer a complex process. With great content, universities around the world are now drawing more and more students. Higher education is greatly dependent on this marketing, and universities are trying to get the most out of the trend. Focus on writing good blog posts and effective marketing if you want to communicate important information about your university. Students choose an institution for higher studies if they find amazing reading materials on its website.


Author’s Bio

William Stewart has written extensively on content marketing strategies and taught people around the world how to run content marketing businesses. He is particularly interested in content related to education. Students around the world have been benefited from his essays.




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