Top 25 Digital Marketing Research Topics in 2020

December 23, 2020

The innovations in digital marketing have grown overtime at lightning speed. It’s no wonder a lot of digital marketing trends have popped up within the year 2020.

While some are here to stay, others come and go at fleet speed. Whether you are a business owner or an active user of an online landscape, you must adapt to the competitive and evolving changes in the world of digital marketing.

Delving into this marketing field requires that you do proper homework on the different topics and their certifications. A thorough web search or the process of buying a research paper could be tricky and complicated most times especially if you are looking for professional academic writers with advanced skills.

Therefore, this article provides a list of the top 25 digital marketing research topics trending in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids businesses to improve how their employees work. AI is the ability of a computer-controlled robot or a digital computer to perform tasks associated with intelligent beings.

AI is a good research topic in digital marketing as it is bound to occupy the heart of global business in the future.

2. Conversational Marketing

Modern marketing nowadays is conversational. People prefer brands they can interact with, and product manufacturers are responding.

This digital marketing topic enables a real-time, one-on-one connection between customers and marketers.

3. Video Marketing

An important marketing trend in the year 2020 is video marketing. With over 70% of consumers relating to the video contents of brands worldwide, this digital marketing model is a vital research topic for business owners.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The knowledge of good SEO strategy is vital in ensuring that your brand site ranks high even without you having to spend too much on advertising. This digital marketing topic educates site owners on important skills for effective web ranking.

5. Influencer marketing

This type of word-of-mouth marketing strategy focuses on utilizing key leaders to elaborate your brand message to a potential market. Influencer marketing has grown to be much more effective than corporate marketing, as 63% of consumers prefer it to brand-influenced advertising.

6. Pay per Click Advertising

This digital marketing model is a good way to make your website well known at its initial starting point. It is an online model of advertising in which advertisers make a pay per click on any of their online ads.

7. Visual Search

This marketing tool enables people to search for a brand simply by uploading an image. Some visual search engines include Google lens, Pinterest, cam find, and Bing visual search.

The visual search takes the user search to a whole new level; it allows customers to search the catalog using products related to real-life scenarios.

8. Social Media Management and Marketing

To become a qualified digital marketer, you must acquaint yourself with the management of social media. Brands nowadays require someone to fully manage their public relations online and social media channels.

9. Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting

When it comes to digital marketing, content is vital. It plays a strategic role in placing brands at the forefront of their customers.

This topic entails the fundamental and advanced aspects of copywriting and digital marketing.

10. Model Marketing

The fact that smartphones are used by more than half the world’s population makes the skill of mobile marketing vital. Good knowledge of mobile marketing expands your abilities as a digital marketer.

11. Email Marketing

This plays a crucial role in the digital marketing field. It provides a broad scope in the act of designing effective emails to potential customers.

Good knowledge of this skill enables you to increase your expertise in the online space.

12. Smart Speakers and Voice Search

Most online searches nowadays are done by voice. The convenience of speaking out a search command into a smart speaker makes digital marketers consider this model.

13. Social Media Stories

Various social media platforms consist of a ‘story’ concept to enable users to express their ideas more creatively. This field of digital marketing has embraced this trend as it tends to relate to brand customers at a closer level.

14. Social Commerce

Brands are making use of social media to boost sales. This is as a result of their continual increased usage by potential customers.

Brands embrace e-commerce as a less-risky platform for ensuring final purchases from their customers.

15. Micro-moments

This new model for digital marketing has become essential in the online world of commerce.

The I-want-to-go moment, I-want-to-know moments, I-want-to-buy moments serve as game changes for brands and consumers alike.

16. Omni-channel tracking

This digital marketing model enables marketers to get a clever picture of their user journey. With the introduction of Google’s Web + App feature, marketers can easily see how and where users are interested in a specific brand.

17. Browser Push Notifications

With a high rise of push notifications, online stores are making use of this marketing model to push out their brands to consumers.

18. Augmented Reading (AR) and Immerse Technologies

AR is a highly implemented marketing model that continues to out space VR in the digital commerce world. Brands continually make use of this model to increase sales and facilitate consumer experience.

19. Geo-fencing

This model allows for realistic targeting based on a user’s location. Users receive push notifications, text messages, and other marketing communication from where they enter or exit an identified target area.

20. User-Generated Content

UGC is content in the form of videos, texts, reviews, and images created by people instead of brands. Brands share these UGC on their social media and marketing channels.

21. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

These are web apps that use emerging browser features and APIs alongside a traditional progressive strategy to enable a native app-user to experience a cross of web applications.

22. Predictive Analytics

This model is common in digital marketing trends as it is used for individual personalization and segmentation, as well as advanced lead scoring. It aids marketers in increasing customer loyalty.

An example of PA is Amazon Assistant.

23. Blockchain Technology

Block geeks refer to this technology as a series of immutable data that are managed by a collection of computers not belonging to a single entity. It offers branding benefits and promotes public accountability.

24. SERP Position Zero

This model is an important tool in the modern SEO world. It gives direct answers to user search questions without the user having to click a link.

25. Quantum Computing

This new technology is based on a quantum physics theory. It states that subatomic particles are present in more than a single state simultaneously.

In today’s digital marketing world, lots of innovative trends are springing up, which enables brand owners to portray the best of their products. From voice searches to persuasive content, digital marketing consists of a range of topics you could acquaint yourself within the business world. Before you consider purchasing a research paper on digital marketing content, you should check out these topics.

The commerce field is fast evolving on online platforms. For your brands to strive in the competitive landscapes, vast knowledge in the ever-improving digital marketing trends is expedient.


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