The Best Landing Pages for Inspiration in January 2016

January 5, 2016

But, before we get to 2016, here’s a quick round up from last year:

Landing Pages in 2015

The number of Landing Pages are increasing exponentially

Hiten Shah (co-founder of KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg) said in his newsletter, SaaS Weekly:

“I’m noticing a trend with SaaS websites… People are creating landing pages for new feature releases, target audiences and also different ways to describe their product. It’s a great tactic for getting incremental sign ups from curation websites like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt, HackerNews and others. It’s also good for SEO and paid acquisition.”

With marketers keenly watching conversion rates, more and more people are spending time on building and optimizing their landing pages. Companies with 40-plus landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with five or less, according to Hubspot. That’s not to say quantity wins over quality – but, you get the idea.

Landing Page design is getting specific

There is a lot of literature on each type of landing pages.

Based on campaign objective, you have Click Through pages, Lead Capture landing pages, Coming Soon landing pages, Viral landing pages, Squeeze pages etc.

Based on technology, you can now find Bootstrap landing pages, Responsive landing pages, Adaptive landing pages, HTML 5 landing pages, WordPress landing pages and so many more.

Finally, you also find specialist themes for industry types such as Real Estate landing pages, Education landing pages, Healthcare landing pages etc.

Best of 2015 landing pages

Here are a couple of off-the-cuff landing pages from 2015 that we loved. Let’s hope the magic continues next year.

testimonial landing page

This testimonial focused landing page from Buffer is an example of uni-directional design preferred by conversion science experts. It’s a strong statement from a customer with metrics to support the claim. The image is inspirational while not distracting the user from the main message. Finally, the single Call to Action button helps reduce any distractions.

Shameless plug – the Sunny Landing Page Builder was beta-launched in 2015. It’s the probably quickest way to get your landing page online. Select from a range of themes, customize your content and hit publish – VOILA! You are done. 

stunning landing page

Here’s Zite’s stunning landing page. Between white, black, grey and blue they’ve created a a masterpiece. There’s real impact in the imagery as the artist has illustrated an ipad to morph into a magazine. It’s really hard to not click on that one isn’t it?

Now, What to expect with Landing Pages in January 2016

Material design

The user interface design world woke up to Material Design in June 2014, when Google put its weight behind this new design philosophy.

It’s a bit like ‘flat design’ in terms of minimalist aesthetics but using the layers concept and separating them with drop shadows, bevels, and animations—it taps into our natural ability to correlate depth with importance. One of the most important features is the use of the Z-axis. It adds some skeuomorphism aspects back into flat design by creating elevation effects between two-dimensional planes.

material design landing page

You can see the shadow effect on the buttons and lines creating the elevation effect. This is a key feature of material design.

Non-Scrolling Pages

turnplay landing page

Turnplay does a great job of conveying the key messages in one shot. There’s no need to scroll down. The social icons help build trust. More importantly, the pricing on the top is building urgency by the word ‘Today’. We should see a lot more creative copy writing like this in 2016.

human app landing page

Similarly, Human App’s landing page doesn’t need a navigation. It also has a wonderful timer built into the demo screen which encourages the user to act fast. Another winner in the non-scrolling category.

Live Demo Landing Pages – a must for 2016

ladning page gif

Mylo, as the headline suggests, makes menswear easier. The animation demo gives a quick preview of the product and lets the user know what to expect. Given the target market, this is a brilliant approach. It’s catchy and alluring. Overall, great Landing Page by Mylo.

trippeo landing page gif

Similarly, Trippeo jumps right into their product demo. Expense management can be a complicated subject. Their user friendly interface is a big selling point – so bringing it to the fore is a great strategy. It cuts the noise and provides a fresh demo landing page.

Splash Video Landing Pages

docady landing page

There is something time-less about this trend. With the right video snippets, it’s hard to go wrong with a large video splash landing page. It gives an intimate touch which helps build trust. Once you have trust, visitors are much more likely to click through and convert.

Mobile (Android/ iOS) App Landing Pages


Clip App has a landing page for audio file editing. It’s lively and upbeat. Nice and refreshing compared to the run of the mill landing pages. If you think about it, all you need is a background image, a catchy headline and your call to action button. That’s about it!

storyline landing page

The storyline landing page almost tells a story. The imagery is inviting and playful. It adds an element of suspense. I sure felt like clicking on the button to figure out what storyline is all about.

Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive landing page

Swift app takes you one step further compared to demo landing pages. It encourages users to start interacting with the app right away in the landing pages. It’s an app that gives tutorials for coding – what better way than to just start the lesson right away?

It will definitely take your coders some more time to come up with a landing page like this. But to knock the socks off your visitors – Go Interactive!

One-field form pages

Another trend to be expected in 2016 is to get the user to either click on a social login or just enter their email address or just enter their phone number in order to sign up on a landing page.

It’s incredibly simple. Just one field. Just one click.

Squeeze pages in 2016

Squeeze pages are all set to increase in 2016. A squeeze page is a landing page designed to encourage or convince or ‘squeeze’ a visitor to capture email addresses. Generally visitors are given incentives such as free downloads or unique offers to help the conversion.

Squeeze pages have proven successful in marketers building opt-in databases of potential subscribers. Very often, they are placed in the middle of the content piece so that only the most interested folks would sign up.

In general squeeze pages are hard-sell pages with strong, pressing content.  For marketers providing useful and unique content, it is a good idea to use a squeeze page to combine with subtle content marketing techniques.

squeeze landing page

Like this page from Neil Patel here. Somewhere in the middle of interesting content, you can create a squeeze page to get people to opt-in to your service. The metrics, simple form, catchy headline, catchy button and supporting message tie in together beautifully. He’s probably seeing a lot of conversions from this one.

So, there you go. Some inspiration for your landing pages in 2016. Leave us your comments do try out our Landing Page Builder. You’d be surprised at how easy it is!

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