Software Tools to Help Scale Up Your Business Revenue

June 22, 2020



Research shows that the average small business has more than three million dollars in terms of annual revenue. If your business is not gaining as much revenue, don’t fret. But, instead, this figure should give you an idea of how much you should aim for your business. However, if you think your business is having a hard time achieving its target revenue then something should be done. Start with looking into the tools that your business is currently using to generate revenues. Are they effective enough? Or, do you think you need to make changes or improvements in these tools?

In this tech-savvy world, we are now living in, a business that does not harness the power of software tools has a high tendency of getting left behind by its competitors. Remember that not all businesses require an enormous amount of revenue to be able to be considered successful. Every business has its metrics for measuring success. But, if you are not taking enough revenue, you might as well make use of software tools for every aspect of your business so that the process of generating revenue will become much easier on your part as an entrepreneur. Consider using some of the following software tools to increase your chances of hitting your revenue goals. 

For lead generation

These days, businesses can hardly stay afloat without the use of lead generating tools. A software that will help you nurture your leads is necessary, especially if you want to make sure that these are converted fast otherwise your competitors will be the ones who will gain from them. You can also make use of lead scoring tools that will help you assign points to each lead generated. This way, it will be easier for you to rank your leads and identify which among them are the most qualified. In turn, your sales team will also know who among these leads should they prioritize first in closing deals. As a result, no time is wasted on less qualified leads which means improved efficiency in your sales and marketing team. Not to mention the increase in your company’s revenue. 

For project management

Working on a specific project can be daunting. This is true regardless of whether you have many heads working on it or you’re the only one focusing on it. Spare yourself from the hassles of writing on a whiteboard or sticky notes only to find yourself picking up those fallen pieces of notes and waste a considerable amount of time. Project completion is time-bounded. It has to be finished on or before the scheduled time so you can forward it immediately to your sales and marketing team. For this to happen, you have to find ways to allow your business and its operations to function on a streamlined basis. You can do this with the help of a project management tool that helps you save time, project costs, speed up project completion, and improve your business revenue. Examples of these tools include Trello and WorkflowMax. 

For communication

Real-time communication can significantly increase revenue for as much as 40 percent. However, in this dynamic world of business, it would be too difficult to cope up with every message when you are bombarded with it every hour, on a daily basis. This is why every business should make use of a communication tool that will help you learn about your customers’ demands and be able to quickly respond to them. With this tool, your business is more likely to be set apart from your competitors. Moreover, no matter how small or big your business is, you need to use a communication tool that will improve communication in the workplace. Examples of these include Slack and


For Sales

A tool such as Linkedin Sales Solutions can do wonders in helping you increase your revenue. Worldwide, LinkedIn has more than 450 million users and counting so with this number of people chances are high that your products and services will be able to receive some serious hype while generating more revenue. With this tool, it will become easier for you to make decisions about which products should you promote among your target audience. Another tool called Yesware can also help you convert more leads by enabling you to create automated templates, streams, and be able to see who among your audience clicked the links you shared and who made downloads. 

For Marketing

Every entrepreneur knows exactly the importance of having marketing tools in place that will help him get the most out of his marketing efforts. If you are into email marketing, then you would benefit from using MailChimp that enables easy and fast creation of automated email campaigns. With MailChimp, you will only work once and then let this tool do the rest of the marketing tasks for you. Another tool named AgoraPulse will help you plan your social media posts according to what’s best for your clients’ or customers’ schedules. There are also tools such as Instapage that will make the process of creating targeted landing pages such a breeze. You can also make multiple versions of your pages using this tool and then increase the success rate of your landing page. 

For Customer Service

Statistics reveal that Americans are willing to spend 16 percent more to companies who have a good customer service reputation. Customer satisfaction is the Mecca of all businesses, may it be small or big. A single poor customer experience is already reason enough for customers to switch companies. So, if you want your business to flourish better make use of a great customer service tool. A customer service tool can be in the form of a mobile app dedicated solely to dealing with customer service concerns. It can also be an automatic callback phone system that takes your customer service to a whole new level as they no longer have to wait in queues but instead they just wait for a callback.

Operating a business can be rife with challenges. As an entrepreneur, it would be inevitable to see yourself wading through lots of storms. But, the rewards of being able to surmount all these challenges are beyond what words can describe. With the help of the above mentioned tools chances are high that your journey as an entrepreneur will become more exciting and less frustrating.


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