Latest UX improvements for Sunny Landing Pages

December 27, 2018


Hey folks,

I wanted to share some of the recent feature updates, bug fixes and UX improvements we’ve implemented over the last few weeks.

We’re working hard to get our pages better and better for our users – looking forward to a great 2019.

Special shout-out to power user Eran Bucai who pointed out some of these issues for our landing page builder.

(1) You can now drag a section border to increase or decrease the section height. This used to be done by clicking on section settings but now you can do it within the landing page builder.

(2) You can toggle the help chat window on-off. Some users felt the chat pop up was interfering with their template designs. So you can now click on Help in the builder to toggle the help chat on or off

(3) Prompt for internet connectivity issues. Some folks would lose their internet connection and the builder would stop saving their changes. Now if there are connectivity issues you’ll get a prompt from the builder.

landing page builder internet connectivity

(4) Better system security and phishing prevention – We had someone try to use our landing pages as phishing pages.

We’ve put in some word restrictions and also added a frame (that can only be closed manually) so that people don’t mistake the demo URL for a live production landing page.

Frame for demo of landing page


(6) Social sharing of the landing page. First of all, make sure the landing page is on your own domain. The social platforms don’t like it when you use our domain such as But once you have that done, then you can use our Page Settings to have the Page Title suitable for social sharing. The platform will also now be provided a default image from your page (if available).

So go ahead and share your landing page to FB, Twitter, Instagram etc.

(7) Improved the tablet view. Our forms and buttons were appearing as full width on tablet. We’ve fixed that so it looks more tablet-friendly

(8) Element control icons. The icons that appeared upon hovering of an element have now been made persistent upon selecting an element. This has been done to make it easier to duplicate or delete an element.

(9) Improved the consistency of ordering of the elements for mobile view of the landing page

(10) You can now paste large amounts of text into a paragraph element and the container will re-size automatically. It used to be a manual process

(11) Text which is overflowing outside an element container’s borders will now show as hidden in the builder. This is done so that there are no surprises once the user reaches the preview of the page.

hiding overlow in landing page builder

(12) Improved the consistency for large-screen resolutions. Some landing pages which were built on large screens were not displaying correctly on smaller screens. This is now fixed.

(13) Migrated from two payment gateways to just one.

(14) Made some tweaks in our WordPress plugin interface. Users were getting confused about what username/ password to use in the plugin page so we’ve made that label more intuitive.

(15) Countdown timers made more user-friendly.

(16) Help/ FAQs for integrations for email autoresponders – Details have been added in the form builder within the landing page builder.

(17) Improved the auto-save trigger. It won’t interfere with your building anymore.

… So that’s just a birds-eye preview of the work going on behind the scene. Remember if you have any suggestions or complaints – do reach out to us. We’re always looking for ways to improve the UX of the landing page builder for you.

Happy Building. Enjoy Maadi.


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