Landing Page Design: Tips for High Conversions

December 19, 2018

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While running a campaign, the primary challenge is usually low conversion rates on landing pages, but there exists a lot of methods to improve your landing page design to address this problem.

Only about 48% of marketers construct a new landing page for each marketing campaign according to Marketing Sherpa, with companies having 40+ landing pages getting 12 times more leads in comparison to those with 5 or less.

Tips for Creating High-Conversion Landing Pages

Get to Understand Your Audience

You must understand your target to determine what value is it they are searching for in your niche, while still clearly describe the consumer needs you are trying to fill with your products and services.

Additionally, the aim of your business is avail solutions to customer problems and a landing page assists you get across the answer most efficiently.

Remain Focused

Various products and services may be offered by your firm; thus, it is crucial you do not try selling everything from a single landing page. First, you must fragment your audience before constructing landing pages and campaigns and targeting each segment with exact products or services.

Key Features

A crucial element of your landing page template is an explanation of the “fundamental feature” of the products and services offered. Below the sub-head of your page is where you can construct a bulleted list, with features useful in getting users to comprehend the services better, and here is a fascinating illustration.

Lead Magnets

There are numerous ways to add value to your target audience, for instance offering them white papers, free-to-download eBooks and other educational stuff such as infographics or blog posts.

Moreover, the addition of captivating videos to your landing pages is ideal to improve the user experience and recognize what kind of information, advice or content your target audience is searching for and the pick the best option.

Critical Information First

The introduction of all the vital information on your page needs to be done as fast as possible as this will help visitors of your page decide swiftly. Usually, the content before the first fold will either make the visitor close the page or scroll down.

Therefore, you should add directed messaging and describing your product’s core value before the first fold which highlights some of the main reasons to buy. So having attention seeking headline is crucial and you to create stickiness, you can brand the design to have a more appealing visual appearance.

Persuasive Headlines

On a landing page, the first thing users will view and read is the headline; so, the headline of your landing page should connect emotionally with the target audiences. It is done by communicating about the problem they are experiencing and how your business offers the right solution.

Furthermore, ensure your headline copy is thorough, and the addition of specific data will make it more compelling for the users, but simultaneously keeping the headline short and simple to maintain balance.

Take a look at this powerful illustration.

landing page headline copy

Add Testimonials

Avail your potential clients a reason to convert, and the addition of real testimonials from current clients can be helpful ensuring you are highlighting only the best one, not littering the page. Additionally, to improve your credibility, you can showcase some of your main clients.

The addition of an offer relating to your product or service is an excellent idea, and it may be a discount which is not present anywhere else or on the website, with discount offers enticing users to convert. Also, you can increase the conversion probabilities by showcasing the exclusiveness of the offer thereby prompting the user to act, take a look at the example below.

Live Chat

The use of the live chat feature by many service businesses to increase the conversion rate of their landing pages, with this feature helping the audience swiftly ask questions about your services. Subsequently, you can eradicate any doubts if any relating to the scope of the service as well as its pricing, thus the feature must be used very wisely on landing pages. However, it should not be very conspicuous so visitors of the page can only use it if needed.

Call to Action Buttons

Just like the rest of the page’s contents, optimizing the design and copy of the call to action buttons is as crucial to conversions, with the CTA buttons on your landing page needing to be noticeable and effortlessly visible.

Furthermore, employing the use of color contrast to guarantee your CTA buttons stick out and the copy on the CTA must be in line with the campaign goal, with each campaign having a different intended objective.

It includes webinar registration, eBook download, product signup among many others. Additionally, the button copy should request the user to carry out the appropriate action, and it needs to be actionable as well as highlighting the benefits which would be a result of the taken action.

E-commerce landing pages

landing page A/B Testing

A/B Testing

The use of A/B Testing tool to test your landing pages may be helpful in increasing your landing page’s performance within the campaign duration. Also, you can get rid of the landing page or its other elements which are not performing well, with A/B tests assisting you to come up with variations for landing pages for every campaign.

Subsequently, you may test every one of them for the direction of the communication as well as elements such as color, CTAs, headline, content, and any other factor. Ensure you are not making these A/B testing errors.

Make It Look Professional

Guarantee your landing pages looks trustworthy and professional, with the page design needing to be consistent with the brand guidelines as well as other campaign elements like social media posts, website design, and banner ads.

For the convenience of users, add your business email address and contact number, as well as ensuring your landing page is not littered and the information is accessible in a proper flow.

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