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December 10, 2015

You know that painful feeling of waiting for days for your designers and tech team to produce a single landing page. Then, once you have the page ready, it’s got lots of bugs and design tweaks.  Sunny Landing Pages Builder is specially made for marketers looking to launch their campaigns quickly. It’s a builder that’s made by marketers and for marketers. Its super simple interface is just what you need for launching high quality and high converting pages. 

Landing Page Elements provided by the builder

– Page Layout

The builder has a drag and drop interface for you to place the elements anywhere on the page. What’s unique is that it follows a grid structure of 24 columns and unlimited rows. When you drag and drop, each element is ‘snapped’ to the nearest grid location. This makes placement of elements easier and makes the page mobile responsive by default.

The builder also provides you with grid-lines which are pretty useful guides when you are aligning your various elements. You can see the green lines as well as the pixel position in orange to help align the element according to the other elements.

landing page gridlines

– Section builder

Within the page, you can divide the page into multiple horizontal sections. Each section gives you several options in terms of background image, color and pattern. It also lets you define the height of the section in pixels.

The section background colors can be selected from the color charts or you can enter the RGB code for the exact shade you have in mind.

– Landing Page Headlines

In a google adwords (or even an email campaign) it is really important to have a message match from the linking ad/ email to the destination landing page. Once you’ve ensured a continuity in the message, you want to have a headline that is catchy, high-impact and draws attention.

The landing page builder provides for this kind of Headline element. Make sure you make the most of it by using contrasting color and size compared to the rest of the text on the page. Just like this heading from one of our Coming Soon themes.

landing page heading

– Text/ Paragraph elements

The builder uses a top of the line WYSIWYG editor. Page visitors will be impressed if you put in that extra effort in detailing and styling your text elements. The editor provides your standard features – bold, italics, underline, font size, font style, font color, spacing, alignment, numbering and bullets, indents, hyperlinks, tables and custom HTML. It has a handy undo and redo feature as well. You can also choose background colours or images for your paragraph.

WYSIWYG Landing Page

You can even add images and videos in your paragraph – but if you want some advanced features on your media files, the builder provides dedicated elements for them (see below).

– Images and Photo elements

Images of real people make your landing page more credible, warm and attractive. Especially if your page has an image which your target visitor can relate to. Now you can make cool designer kinda effects on your images without having to use Photoshop. We’ve integrated Adobe’s Creative Cloud so that you get a whole bunch of image / photo editor features.

So making that professional looking banner, slider or customer testimonial has become so much easier. Here’s some photo styling options in the builder

Landing Page image editor

– Embedding Videos in your Landing Page

Images and Videos rule the social web these days. For videos, the builder makes it easy for you to embed a youtube or a vimeo video. All you have to do is enter the URL and presto! Your video is embedded.

Video landing page

– Buttons

The call to action comes down to a user clicking the landing page button. So you better make it one heck of a button! The builder allows you to customize the interactions with your own thank you message and you can redirect user to another page after they click the button. 

For styling the button, the builder lets you edit the color, image and padding. It let’s you add in your own button text, and format the text. Once you’re done you can align the button to anywhere on the landing page. 

landing page button

(It’s just a picture – not a real button!)

– Form

There are several challenges to making a great form for your landing page. They need to encourage conversions, they need to prevent spam (bots) and sensibly handle errors from users. Our form builder allows you to do:

  • A one-click addition of popular fields like name, email, phone etc.
  • Create custom fields of your choice from many options such as radio, checkbox, dropdown, URL, text area etc.
  • Use pre-validated popular fields such as name, phone number, email and it gives you appropriate error handling.
  • Text labels can be given on top of the input boxes or hidden away if you would like.
  • The form labels can be formatted with font-color, font-family and more.
  • The help text within the fields can also be customized.
  • Select which fields are mandatory or not.

Landing Page Form Builder

Here’s a lot more to read about our Landing Page Form Builder.

– Social icons

Social icons provide further assurance to users about your product or service’s credibility. The builder provides ready made icons for facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, instagram, youtube and github. You can edit the color, size, backgrounds and icon type. Icon types include standard, icons with borders, squared icons and circular filled icons. Here’s a snapshot from the social element module of the landing page builder.

Landing Page social icons

– Countdown Timer

Our landing page builder allows you to customize the color, the font size, the font type of the
digits and the timer labels separately. Sunny landing page generator also allows you to select from two transition effects in your countdown timer. Standard type and Flip type. You can see an example of the flip type design here: 

Countdown Timer landing page

Here are some more details on how to build a Countdown Timer Landing Page using our builder.

Page Performance

– Hosting and high availability

Sunny Landing Pages provides you with a hosted service so that you don’t have to worry about servers. You can focus on the content and conversions! We use Amazon Web Services for our hosting. Our experts ensure high availability – we are proud to say we haven’t had any unscheduled downtime till date.

– Speed

It’s important to keep testing the performance of the pages because a poor speed directly affects your Quality Score in Google Adwords which means you’ll end up paying a higher Cost per Click. 

We use Google’s developer tools (Page speed insights) to check all the themes and templates we build. Remember to optimize and compress your images before uploading to ensure the best results. 

Landing Page Speed

Lead Conversion Tracking from your Landing Page

From the dashboard, you can see how your pages are performing. You can also download a list of your leads in a CSV format. Remember, as long as you put the information in the form builder – you’re already getting real time notification of your leads on email as well.

lead capture landing page

Heatmap Analytics for Visitors on your page

You gotta love them heatmaps. Awesome way to understand how your users are browsing. The intelligence is critical for you to be able to optimize your pages. It is a great tool to assist you in your A/B testing too.

Here’s an example of a heatmap:

landing page heatmap

Bootstrap Responsive Landing Pages

The builder follows the bootstrap framework and hence provides responsive pages by default. To be sure, before you publish you can check the page preview option in 5 different formats – desktop, mobile device (portrait and landscape) as wall as tablet device (portrait and landscape). Here’s a snapshot of our preview mode.

mobile landing page preview

We also use Google’s developer tools to test the mobile friendliness of our pages.

Mobile friendly test

This gives us further confidence that you’ll get a good Page Quality Score in your Adwords campaign.

Custom Domain

Once you are ready to publish your page, the builder allows you to choose between your own URL or you can create a free subdomain with our URL. For example Of course, the sub domain name depends on availability. 

It just takes a second to setup a sub domain. 

custom domain landing page

If you want to use your own URL domain name, then you’ll need add a new record with your hosting provider. It’s a simple change and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Here’s a copy of the instructions that we’ll provide you. 

custom domain landing page


SEO and Meta Data 

The builder will allow you to set up your page for SEO purposes as well. You can insert your page title, keywords and description. You can add a Google analytics tag, a favicon as well as enter any custom javascript. 


Ready Made Templates

Let’s face it – Building a page from scratch is hard. It’s much easier to have a starting point which you can customize instead of thinking through on each element. We’ve provided a library of ready made templates and themes. 

landing page themes and templates

We’ve provided a categorization so that if you’re looking for Lead Gen pages, Coming Soon Pages, Real Estate Pages – or whatever, you can filter the category to select from the most suitable themes. Once you’ve selected a theme, it’s much easier to edit the content and tweak the layout for your needs.

Landing Page Dashboard

Last but surely not the least, the builder provides you with a dashboard to manage all your pages – add, edit, delete and publish. You can review their performance and administer all your account settings.

landing page dashboard

It’s a great snapshot view of all your pages in one place.

The team at Sunny Landing Pages is excited to keep launching a bunch of interactive features for you. We have a bunch of ideas on elements which we don’t see any landing page builder providing. Such as slider banners, maps, counters, graphs and charts.

We are also planning on developing matching email templates and themes, email funnels and basic CRM features. In addition, you can expect a bunch of 3rd party integrations (mailchimp etc.) to be made available so that your marketing workflow is uninterrupted.

From a technology standpoint, we have managed to use the best of AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. With web development frameworks becoming more and more powerful, there is a real opportunity to empower marketers to build their own landing pages as well as their own single page applications.

If you’ve survived this article this far, then you deserve a medal! Leave us a comment or drop us a line and we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you with all your Landing Pages! We’re hungry for your feedback!

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