Integrate Sunny Landing Pages with your bpm’online CRM

June 22, 2017

Bpmonline and sunny landing pages integration

“I am thrilled about this integration as it makes life much easier.”
– Roeland van Delzen, Road2Results

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with BPMOnline with an integration between Sunny Landing Pages and BPM Online CRM. We’re excited to be a partner to this market leader.

The integration will allow bpm’online users to design and publish landing pages using the Sunny Landing Page builder and directly insert the contact form / lead capture form data into their bpm’online account. 

About the Partnership

Sunny Landing Pages works with thousands of Marketers and here are 4 things we keep hearing from our mid-size customers.

“I want to start my online campaign but IT is taking 2 weeks to get me a simple landing page”

“The Tech team doesn’t have any bandwidth to help me right now. I need a tool to build a landing page by myself”

“My landing pages are not mobile responsive and they’re not fast-loading. That is impacting my page quality score on Google Adwords and my cost per click is going up.”

“I need to run experiments on my pages to improve the conversion rates. For that, I need integrations and the ability to make super quick edits by myself”

So if any (or all) of these points resonate with you, then here’s how Sunny Landing Pages can help you get going with Landing Page Best Practices.

  • You can make a landing page on Sunny in just a few minutes
    • Choose from an extensive template gallery of 100+ landing page templates
    • Use the Drag & Drop Builder to quickly edit and customize your page. You can use any element you can think of – text, backgrounds, images, call to action buttons, forms, pop-ups, countdown timers, maps, videos.. you name it.
    • Publish your page using our domain for free or using your own custom domain
  • Get the right quality and performance
    • All Sunny landing pages are mobile-responsive by default. We use a special grid-based structure to make sure you don’t get any of those overlapping elements or stretched images on different devices
    • All Sunny landing pages are optimized to be fast-loading. Remember to compress your images when you’re uploading them to ensure it stays super fast.
  • You can integrate with your whole marketing funnel stack
    • Link you advertising accounts like Google Adwords or Facebook to measure conversions
    • Integrate with your CRM or email provider to remove any manual data entry, excel sheet handling etc.
  • Measure the results
    • Use our analytics or easily integrate third party tools like Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and landing pages

How to integrate your Bpm’online account with Sunny Landing Pages

If you’re a Bpm’online customer then you can follow these instructions to understand how you can design and build any page from Sunny Landing Pages and integrate the form with your bpm’online account.

This will ensure data captured from your landing page form will get directly inserted into you bpm’online account.

It’s a few steps but really doesn’t take more than 3-4 minutes to complete.

Here’s the video a to help you – otherwise you can also look at the detailed instructions here below:

Detailed Instructions for Integrating bpm’online with Sunny Landing Pages:

Log in to your Bpm’online account and select the option for Landing Pages in the dashboard

BPM Online Landing Pages

Click on Add New Landing Page and in this example we’ve selected a Lead Registration Form from Bpm’online

New Landing Page

Fill in a Name for your new landing page

bpm Landing Page setup

Now keep this tab open and ready and go and log into your Sunny Landing Page account.

Sunny Landing Pages login

Click on Start Building and then select a template that best matches your requirements:

Landing Page templates

Now you will be directed the landing page builder. Go to the form and double-click to edit the form. It will launch the form builder.

Landing Page form builder

This is how the form- builder looks like. After making any edits to the form that you want (or you can do that later too), click on the BPM Online tab on the right panel.

There are two fields which need information, Landing Page ID and Service URL.

Landing Page Bpmonline landing page id and service url

You will need to get this information from your bpm’online account. So head back to that tab.

You will see both sets of information in the Step 2 section as shown in the screenshot below.

Landing Page Bpmonline landing page id and service url values

Copy just the parameters and paste them in the relevant fields in the Sunny Landing Pages Form Builder.

Bpmonline landing page id and service url inserted

The next piece of information is the On Submit code. You will need to the ‘Form’ menu section on the right of the Form Builder.

Bpmonline onsubmit inserted

Once again, you will find the On Submit information in your bpm’online account. It’s in the Step 3 on the same page.

Bpmonline onsubmit value

Paste that back into the field in Sunny Landing Pages and then click save and publish the landing page:

Bpmonline landing page publish

You will be asked to select a domain of your choice. Once you enter those details – You have successfully published a landing page.

Bpmonline landing page publish2

Now, one last action. Copy the published page URL. You can also find this in your dashboard of Sunny Landing Pages.

landing page url

Paste this URL in the Website Domains field in bpm’online page as shown in the screenshot below:

landing page url pasted

Don’t forget to click on SAVE.

Now the integration is complete. To test it out, fill out the form on your landing page and then have a look to find that information under the Leads tab of bpm’online.

new landing page lead

You can confirm that the form data will directly start appearing in your bpm’online account.

**UPDATE: Field Mapping between Sunny Landing Pages and bpm’online.

Following this blog article, we’ve updated the integration with a feature for field-mapping between the form data and the standard fields in bpm’online.

You will find the option for viewing or editing the field mapping under the bpm’online section in the form-builder

field mapping

The system will do an auto-suggest of how the fields should map. But if you have a different opinion, you can easily edit the field mapping as you can see in the image here.

The column on the left are the form fields and the column on the right are the bpm’online fields.

field mapping_dropdown

In case it helps, here is a quick video on how it works.

If you get stuck at any part of the process – you can always reach us at sunny (at)

More about Sunny Landing Pages

Sunny Landing Pages is a leading landing page builder which offers a cloud-based, drag & drop landing page builder. It’s fast, easy to use and provides thousands of marketers with a DIY tool to manage their online marketing funnels.

More about Bpm’online

Bpm’online was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, 2016. Bpm’online was also recognized in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, Sales Force Automation and for CRM Lead Management.

With over 6500 customers across the globe, Bpm’online is a leading CRM solution providing sales, service and marketing solutions to marketers. It offers a Process Driven CRM so in other words, it is a BPM + CRM software.

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