Instapage Price Increase 2019. Instapage vs Sunny Landing Pages

November 22, 2019

Last year I wrote to many folks with an offer to migrate their landing pages to Sunny. This was triggered by Instapage’s 130% price increase.

If you didn’t migrate away from Instapage last year, you’re probably feeling the heat with Instapage’s latest price increase.

Basically, over 4 years it’s been a 400% increase. I agree with Josh’s review here. Instapage is a great quality platform – but it’s now priced out of range for small businesses, solopreneurs etc.

Here’s one such Insta customer (let’s call her M) who I had reached out to last year. She wrote back to me on Oct 12.


…Mine is a micro-business. I’m in it because I love serving the people I work with. It will never be big. I built it via a bunch of landing pages on Instapage, when Instapage was young and hungry for small-business clients. Now Instapage in pursuit of its own big goals has abandoned service to micros like me and I must move on.

Veryveryveryvery hard thing to do just because … well, the prospect of learning a new landing page platform AND rebuilding all those landing pages makes my stomach queasy. Makes me want to just run off and join a circus or something. So yeah, I guess I qualify as a scrappy underdog.

Instapage isn’t the only tech platform that has “outgrown” me. So your messaging about being there for us littles is powerful for me.

Sunny caught my eye a good while ago when I first felt tetchy about Instapage. I decided to hang in there though. Now that I’m committed to leaving (my monthly price went from $49/month in July to $179 a month starting in Dec.) I’m delighted to fiind that Sunny is still going strong.

Just left a message in the chat but was inspired by your wonderful welcome message to pop over here too and say hi, glad you’re still around, hope Sunny will become my trusted partner in making magic


I am very pleased to say we have started migrating pages for M. This is what she has to say:

Vin, WOW!!! I am absolutely thrilled at how great the new landing pages look. I am not going through them with the proverbial fine-tooth comb … that can happen at the next level. Just want to let you know everything looks wonderful – keep up the good work! (I’m excited to see that we can do that thing where the image slides over the page …)

Let me know if you want more specific feedback.

I still want to do the closer review of the mobile optimization and make sure I understand how to work with those tools.

Anyway … I’m a happy new customer! You’ll make me wish I’d moved over three years ago.


Here’s another client who reached out last week. Let’s call her J:

Hi Vin,

At the time you first reached out to me, the Instapage upgrade wasn’t that big of a deal, but now they’ve announced that all plans will be moved to a $259 tier starting December with no option to retain the current plan.
Are you still able to assist with migrations, and if so, can we talk?


In 2018, we migrated 100s of landing pages for customers from Instapage to Sunny Landing Pages. Here was one such happy customer.

Obviously, migrating over to Sunny will save a lot on the monthly subscription fee – at least $23 / month even at Instapage’s old rates. Probably more like $70 / month with their new charges.

And your help with the pages has probably saved me at least 2 days work, so several hundred dollars here too – and the convenience of not having to do the job myself.

So thank you!

Best wishes,

Here’s another feedback mail from a migration in 2018

These all look great. As long as we can edit them, they should be good to go!

If you’re looking for a solution to get away from the Instapage price increase – write to us at or reach out via the chat on our website.

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