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March 19, 2019

First, it must be known to the public, the concept of a landing page. It is pretty much different from the website pages, and the homepage, in particular, is different from other web pages.

The creation of a good landing page means growth of conversion rates which help to reach certain marketing or business goals. The concept of the landing page can be used for a homepage or any other page within the taxonomy, or it can be used as a single page which is created for a particular campaign or product.

The only thing that matters is how the page is found by other users and the reason for the existence of the landing page. Landing pages are generally found organically rather than spreading through social media or word of mouth. Each of these pages has a purpose of its existence, which acts as a gateway to the rest of the site.

In other words, a landing page can be defined as any webpage where an individual gets to send visitors. This is done to initiate a conversation and close the corresponding deal. It is therefore important to follow the best SEO blogs to stay updated. The making of the landing page must be such that it is positive in every other way which creates higher conversion on email marketing.

The landing page must be used for a specific purpose such as to capture email leads or to sell a product for example. Apart from this, other purposes include inviting people to a conference or making an announcement or to offer a discount for a particular thing or product.

What is the need for a landing page?

infographic: 17 landing page tips

  • Promote a positive first impression

The first impression created is the only thing that matters for a good landing page. People generally don’t stay for long on one particular website, so the first impression has to be of good nature.

  • The advantage of trust elements–

The presence of images, videos and graphics can increase the emotional attraction of many of the visitors. Visual information becomes more appealing to the visitors, rather than going through lines of useless information on a particular webpage.

  • Increasing conversion rate –

It is much easier to capture email leads from a properly designed web page rather than from a typical blog where its primary goal is to have a higher conversion to a sort of subscription form. To reduce distractions, some landing pages don’t have navigation elements.

Now, an individual has to focus on the part of how to maximize landing page conversions in one way or the other. To do so, one must consider certain factors which influence the maximization of landing page conversions. There are several ways to maximize landing page conversions, and they are listed below for further reference:-

  1. Write Killer Headlines – Writing killer headlines for a particular landing page is the key to main viewership.
  2. List benefits – As far as it goes for the general public, people always love benefits over everything.
  3. Important elements above the fold – Generally, people tend to invest more time in the space above the fold.
  4. Minimize distractions – Removing unnecessary links from the landing page will also reduce the number of distractions. The only priority is to minimize the number of links to the bare minimum, giving more options to the viewers which in turn create competition to the call to action button.
  5. Lower emotive content – The level of emotive content must be reduced in order to have a maximum landing page conversion. To do so, the page must be short and crisp in every way.
  6. Address THE Pain points – There is always a particular need which is addressed as pain for which people have searched for the website in the first place. The key is to link the pain to the solution which is mentioned on the website.
  7. Split test – The idea of split testing continuously is a good way to measure the effectiveness of the landing page.
  8. Offer a guarantee or return policy – Some typical guarantee or return will always ensure maximization of landing page conversions.
  9. Test functionality – The things which are related to after the buying the product, such as payment gateway or WordPress plugin, these things must be maintained properly.
  10. Addition of social proof – The products that are listed to be viewed by the general visitors, must have reviews from the public. People generally tend to look at reviews before buying any particular product.
  11. Include images and videos – Adding images and videos to the landing page will attract more viewers rather than writing paragraphs of information.
  12. Focus on visitors – The needs of a visitor must be kept in mind in order for a good landing page creation. If the demands of the customers are met, it results in maximization of landing page conversions.
  13. USP – The creation of USP (unique selling point) is the main reason why people will consider buying from only one webpage rather than visiting the others.
  14. The page needs to be relevant – In order to have maximum landing page conversions, every page needs to be relevant and personalized content.
  15. Providing more information to viewers – The information that is provided must be adequate to satisfy the needs of the viewers.
  16. The call to action must be appropriate – The visitors must not wonder what to do after visiting the website. People must be properly guided into what to do and how to do.
  17. Live Chat – The option of having a live chat option on the website is the proper investment and must be done to ensure the maximization of landing page conversions.

To sum it up, the motive of increasing landing page conversion must be done in such a way that it includes all the factors which are necessary for maximizing it. To do so, many options must be considered and tested to see whether the options are viable or not.

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