How to Improve Your Business Website in 2020

September 1, 2020

This year will go down as a tumultuous year for business – and a defining year for online firms. With more and more shoppers and businesses forced online to conduct their commercial lives due to the pandemic, this has been a year in which your website’s design, and the digital marketing that you use to present it, are absolutely crucial for you profits and revenues. No wonder that thousands of businesses have been working hard on revamping and improving their websites. Here are some of the key tips businesses can use to improve their websites efficiently in 2020.

What Needs Improving?

For many businesses, their website has been in operation for many years already. It’s been serving a purpose, but as each year goes by it become less and less impressive, more and more dated, and unlikely to dazzle new site visitors with its design or appearance.

As such, you may well already have a sense of what needs improving in order to give your website a new lease of life. Are the improvements you want to make mostly visual? Do you want to update the appearance of your brand, the color of your site, and the feel of each page? Or are you more interested in the backend – and how you can get more consumers onto your sales pages? Make these decisions early to drive your website improvement journey forwards.

Updating and Revamping

If you hand over your website to an experienced agency such as altagency, you’ll find that they will already have a host of ideas to get your website fit for this decade. One of the things that an agency will be able to tell in an instant is how your back-end looks – and how it can be tidied up to boost your SEO.

SEO is linked to the way Google interprets your website. Older websites tend to be judged by Google due to their antiquated build, and this can be rectified in a straightforward way by an agency that knows how to adapt to modern website requirements. It’s important to remember that changes in the front end need to be matched by modernizations in the backend in order to guarantee your business more visitors in the future.

Better Sales Pages

Ultimately, you’re trying to improve your website to get more consumers onto your sales pages, and to encourage more web users to load carts and to head to the checkout, parting with their cash in exchange for your goods. Everything on your website should be subtly angled towards this goal.

In order to facilitate these sales, you need to ensure that your product pages are clear, descriptive, and well labeled. You want your web users to be able to find the products they’re looking for instantly – so sort them onto pages for web users to search. And, finally, you need to offer payments options that range from cards to bitcoin and everything in between. More payment options means more incentives for your customers to pay for the goods they load into their cart.

Updating and improving your website is simple: just follow the above tips to get your site modernized for the future of eCommerce.


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