How do you know whether your landing page needs optimization?

December 17, 2018

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The digital world is rife with so many business opportunities, it’s not even funny anymore. In fact, it’s mind-boggling how one can completely generate income based on information alone. Or rather, the sale of information. Not just that, but the digital marketing industry runs mostly on website traffic.

Now, there are many ways to get people to visit your website. That’s actually the fun (and difficult) part of competing in the digital market. You could take the entire model as a puzzle. And this puzzle would be comprised of many aspects of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization is one. Content Creation is another.

But what about the smaller pieces of the puzzle? The finer details? Well, one of the first things a visitor is going to encounter on your website comes in the form of the landing pages. Simply having a good landing page may not be enough. It may work at one point of your campaign, but it will eventually fall out of favor. And it is exactly for this reason that it is necessary for one to A/B test and to optimize regularly.

So, how do you know if your landing pages need some work put into them? Just follow the data:


There’s Too Much Text

The very first thing you’re going to notice with a sub-optimal landing page is that it has too much text. Yes, that’s right. When text comes in the form of dense paragraphs, it can be very off-putting to a website visitor. Nobody wants to read an intimidating wall of text.

It’s rather simple. Use images and white space to make your landing page less intimidating. People love images, after all.


Low Landing Page Conversion Rate

Another sign that you may need to consider hiring a copywriter to optimize your landing pages is when your analytics indicate that your landing page has a low conversion rate. There are many factors that can influence a low landing page conversion rate. At this point, you may need to take a look at how your landing page is designed and how the content is arranged.

Generated Leads Aren’t As High Quality As You Might Like

First off, what exactly are “good leads”? Obviously, we have to set a point of reference so that we’re able to determine whether the leads we actually get are up to standards.

First off, leads are potential customers or, in the context of recruitment, potential applicants. Great leads, on the other hand, are people who actually push through with the call-to-action found on your page.

If those leads aren’t high-quality, that may be another sign that you may want to check the content on your page and to make sure that things are laid out clearly.

You can do this by rephrasing any statements that are unclear and increasing your form length so that you’re able to explain your details even better.

Landing Page Fails the Blink Test

The blink test is a general rule of thumb that states that a website visitor decides whether or not your website is worth staying at. This all happens in a mere 3-5 second time period. If they lose interest in your website, then your landing page has failed the blink test.

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