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February 16, 2016

Countdown Timer landing page

Landing Pages with countdown timers are very cool. Experiments have shown that these countdown clocks and timers help improve conversion rates. They give a sense of urgency to the page visitors without coming across as too pushy!

When I think of countdown timers I am reminded of New Year’s eve. It’s a time whenever everyone across the world is counting down together. You can use a custom timer for your event landing pages. Maybe a birthday party or a mega corporate bash.

But, creating a Landing Page with a dynamic element like a countdown timer is not easy if you’re not an expert in JQuery or Javascript. You could possibly use which gives you a free countdown embed code but you’d need to know a lot of HTML to get it to work.

Create a Free Landing Page with a Countdown Timer with the builder

Creating a countdown timer has never been easier. First, select a starting point – either a ready made template or build from scratch. 

You can choose from the ready made countdown themes available with Sunny Landing Pages. Like this one below:

countdown timer landing page template

Or you could build your own using the countdown element in our builder. Once you have selected ‘Build Your Own’ option for the landing page, then on the left panel you will notice the countdown element. Click on the element to launch the timer builder. 

Here’s a screenshot of the countdown timer element in the landing page builder. 

countdown timer builder

On the left you see two options to set up the timer – selecting the timer style and setting up the countdown duration.

First select the style. You can select between Standard format or a Flipbox format. Here is an example of a preview for a flipbox countdown timer format

flipbox countdown gif

Here’s an example of a standard style format for your timer:

countdown clock example

Next, set the deadline date and time.

The builder gives you an option to program your countdown timer to display Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. You can hide the Day field and / or the Hours field if you want to. 

select countdown date and time

Once you have selected the date and time and what type of timer you want to display you can now design your timer.

You can customize the background color. Here’s a tip from my side: for a professional looking design you layer the timer on top of an image and keep the timer background color as transparent. 

You can customize the digits by selecting fonts, font size, font weight and color.

You can customize the labels by renaming days, hours, minutes, seconds and similar to digits you can change the font with it’s size, weight and color. 

For the flipbox, you can choose the color of the flipping boxes.

Finally, similar to all other elements in the builder, you can re-size, drag and drop to place your timer, set the padding margins. If you want to hide the element in the mobile version then you can select that option in the properties panel on the right.

And – That’s it! You’re done. You’ve got your own countdown timer in your landing page. Here’s one more ready-made countdown template that you can use as a starting point. 

holiday countdown theme

Makes you want to book that next holiday, doesn’t it?

Make sure you have a strong Call To Action associated with the timer. It’s not enough to build a general sense of urgency. Make it easy and straightforward for your audience to click through to your detailed page or to leave their contact information so you can start the lead engagement process.

So what are you waiting for? Build your own free landing page with a countdown timer using Sunny Landing Pages. Your first 3 pages are free for life and the upgrades are affordable too. 

Is this feature useful for you? Anything that I missed out? Let me know in the comments below:

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