Facebook Advertising A to Z: How to Turn Likes Into Money

July 10, 2020

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. At the end of 2019, it had 2.2 billion daily users. This number grew to 2.8 billion users in a month. Such figures mean that it has an immense advertising potential. It can reach potential clients all over the world, which makes placing ads on Facebook a great choice.
We have gathered the opinions of the marketing team to help you learn more about the advertising potential of this platform. If you want to know how to master Facebook advertising, this guide is just for you.


Reasons to Place an Ad on Facebook

Well, the first reason is simple – the number of users is astonishing. Facebook reaches more people every day than TV advertising. Yet, it is not the only benefit of this platform; here are some other ones.

  • The ad campaigns do not disrupt users’ experience. They are shown in the news feed or on the sidebar, where otherwise the place would remain blank. It means that when a person uses a platform, an ad doesn’t interrupt the process. Compare it to the ads on YouTube – everyone hates them as they appear before or even in the middle of a video. It creates a negative emotional response, as a person just wants to enjoy a video. On the other hand, a Facebook ad doesn’t spoil the experience. It appears in the feed without replacing content.
  • It is possible to advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. The platform offers running a campaign at both social media simultaneously. Such an initiative can save you both time and money.
  • The design and management of a campaign are simple and can be done by almost anyone. The interface is user-friendly and allows analyzing the performance of a campaign.
  • Facebook advertising is relatively cheap in comparison to other marketing opportunities. You can choose the minimal budget and alter it depending on the outcomes. Even a small amount of $5 per day can bring results when the campaign is well-designed.
  • You know your ad reaches the target audience. One of the best things about this platform is that users provide their demographics and interests while using it. It helps to customize targeting options and reach the audience that is suitable for your business. This way, your money won’t be wasted on people that don’t care about your product.
  • The price and convenience of the Facebook advertising tool allow running several campaigns at the same time. This is a great option as it follows several goals. The first of them is to see what kind of ad works best and attracts more clicks and conversion. Secondly, it allows reaching the targeted audience in different ways and maximizing the ROI.

A business page on Facebook will be a great advantage. You can set a campaign to linked to this page directly. It is more efficient than linking to a third-party website. People using Facebook already trust the platform and are more likely to purchase from your page instead of going to a separate website.

You can track the immediate reactions and see what settings work best for you.

Overall, it is easy, fast, and effective. Facebook advertising also provides great opportunities both for huge companies and small businesses that are just starting. The key to success is to design the campaign wisely.


How to Create a Campaign on Facebook

There are two tools to manage advertisement: Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor. The first one is better to start with, and the second one is for more advanced users.

  1. You can access it directly, or click the settings arrow on the top right corner of a page, there is an option for advertising. It is in the same area that one uses to change accounts.
  2. Select the goal for advertising. It is called an objective, and Facebook offers three categories.
  • Awareness. This category allows you to attract more people to your brand and make it more visible. There are several options to choose from, like boosting posts, promoting the page, increasing reach or brand awareness. It is especially useful to companies that are just starting;
  • Consideration. This category attracts more people to look into your business, visit your website, or collects leads. It is also amazing for getting people to download your app;
  • Conversion. This one is designed to attract more buyers and increase purchases. It boosts conversions of a website and engagement on an app. This category is often used for products or shop promotion.

Pro tip: to make money off an ad, it is better to run several campaigns with different objectives. It makes the brand visible and recognizable. The more people are familiar with it, the more trust they build.

For example, you can run an awareness advertising to attract more followers and likes to your page. And, at the same time, create a separate ad for conversion where you can promote a product or a service.

  1. Select the target audience. It is one of the essential parts in designing advertising. You want to get the maximum benefit from your money. The best way to do it is to reach the audience that is interested in your product. Start with demographics:
  • Location, age, gender, language. Do not use variables that are too broad. An age gap from 14 to 68 will simply polarize the ad and bring no result in leads or purchases. Take ten years gap for the first time to test it. Location is simple – for local businesses, it is best to choose locals. For companies that can ship their products or provide digital services, it can be broader. But for the first time, it is better to narrow the audience down to several cities closest to you.
  • Interest. Here, one can choose almost any interest available. It should be directly connected to the product or content you are offering. Yet, there might be related interests too, but do not include all of them. It will also polarize the reach and target people that have no intent to buy your product.
  • Behavior. This is connected to the online behavior of users, their purchases, and the use of different devices.
  • Connections. It helps to target people who are already connected to your brand.

Pro tip: the number of people reached should not be enormous. If you are only starting with this tool and want to achieve measurable results, it is better to have a narrow audience that is interested in this field. Choose the reach of up to 10,000 people for the first campaign.

  1. Budgeting. There are two options for paying; daily amount and lifetime amount (whole sum for the campaign’s duration). Choose the beginning and ending date.
  2. Now it is time to create advertising. One can use an existing post or create a new one. The first option is amazing if your goal is to bring awareness and attract more followers. The second one works for other purposes too.

For a new post, there are several options, like a carousel, including multiple images (it works best if you want to show the scope of your shop) a single picture, video, or combinations of them. Note that every option has format requirements. There are approved dimensions for picture sizes and video quality.

If a picture features text, it should not cover more than 20% of the image. Otherwise, it might not be approved by Facebook.

Choose only your own photos and videos.

Pro tip: Add a call to action to an advertisement, such as “join now”, “download”, “sign up”, or “watch now’. Only include helpful and interesting information. At first, a person sees an image, then reads the text, and then decides whether to proceed to the page or website.

Offer a giveaway, a price reduction or other benefits to gather leads. For example, offering a giveaway that people need to enter with an email will create a great base of leads.

  1. The placement feature allows choosing where the post will be seen. Overall, it is great to use the default settings, but one can customize them too.
  2. Finalizing the order. Now that everything is set, you can proceed to payment information. After everything is done, the ad will be approved by Facebook.

In Summary

Paid posts help to attract new clients and buyers and grow business. It is an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to your brand and create a CRM database of leads. When you get enough emails of people interested in the brand, you can run email campaigns.

It is important to set several goals and invest in all objectives to get the maximum result. The more people are engaged with the brand and trust it, the more they are prone to buy products or services. The best thing about Facebook is that its advertising tool is easy to manage. Besides, its affordability allows running split campaigns.


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