Effective Link Building Strategies To Boost Your Backlink Profile

December 10, 2020

Without link building, it’s doubtful your pages will be able to rank in the top spots… no matter how good your content and on-page SEO is.

Links were first used as a ranking factor in 1998, and since then the signal has been getting stronger and stronger.

What Is Link Building And Why Do You Need It?

As mentioned before, links have been used as an official ranking factor since 1998. When this algorithm was first introduced, it was slightly flawed.

You see:

It didn’t matter about the quality of the links; all that mattered was you had them… lots of them! But this posed a problem; it meant people were spamming links on forums, comment sections, and Wiki pages.

As time went on, the algorithm became more advanced and started looking at the quality of your page’s links.


This made link building slightly harder and killed a lot of people’s rankings. But at least it cleaned up the internet.

The best way to think of a link is as a vote. Each link pointing to one of your pages acts as a big thumbs up.

But here’s the thing:

Not all links are equal, which means some will carry more power than others. It’s your job to find these links and get them pointing to your pages.

The key is to find relevant sites to your niche that have:

  1. High domain authority
  2. Relevant to your site
  3. And lots of traffic

By keeping these three things in mind when picking your opportunities, you have the best chance of building a solid backlink profile.

Best Link Building Strategies

As you can see here, there are loads of link building opportunities out there. But, the three strategies below stand out due to their effectiveness and the ease of execution.

Let’s take a look at how they work:

Guest Posting On Other Relevant Websites

You’ve probably heard of guest posting, and yes, although it’s a common technique, it’s also one of the most effective.

Which is strange considering how many warnings google has given against using. But, no matter where you stand about guest posts, one thing is for certain…

It’s a very effective technique that shouldn’t be scoffed at.

The idea behind guest posting is:

  • Find a high domain authority site
  • Write a piece of content for it
  • Add a link to your site
  • Get it published

At one point in time, guest posting would cost next to nothing because site owners didn’t really understand the power the links had.

Now, things are a little bit different. The problem is, people understand what the links worth, which means they cost a lot more money.

Every now and then, you might come across a site where you can score a free link because they appreciate and need quality content, but it’s not very often.

So, how do you take advantage of this strategy?

Find Your Mark

As was previously mentioned, the power comes with the relevance of the link. Which is why finding the right websites is so important.

The trick is to find relevant sites to your niche that have high domain authority and plenty of traffic coming to it.

But how do you do this?

The cheapest and easiest way is to perform a Google search using your chosen keyword and the following phrases:

  • Keyword + “Guest blogger”
  • Keyword + “Write for us”
  • Keyword + “Submit article”

Google will then provide you a shortlist of possible linking opportunities. Make a list of any URLs you feel will benefit your site but avoid spammy looking guest post farms.

Once you have a list, you need to verify their authority using tools like Ahrefs. If the URL doesn’t have a suitable domain authority or traffic, delete it from the list; if they look good, move on to the next step.

Outreach To The Right People

Finding the right emails is an easy task with tools like or FindThatLead. Once you have the right email, it’s all about the outreach.

Make sure your pitch is original, they’ll be getting plenty of emails asking for exactly the same thing.

Create The Content

Once you finish negotiations, it’s time to start producing top quality content. The content needs to be nothing short of awesome if you want it to get published.

Make sure the content is relevant to their site and the audience. More importantly, make sure it contains your link.

Replicating Your Competitor’s Backlinks

It’s one of the most effective strategies when you compare the amount of time it takes to how many links you win.

Copying your competitor’s backlink profile is the quickest and easiest way to success. This is because your competitors would have already spent a lot of money, creating the perfect backlink profile.

Replicating their backlinks means you don’t have to spend a fortune or use any guesswork… you already know it works.

The process is super easy; take a look:

Find Your Competitors

You probably have an idea of who you are competing with for each of your keywords, but in case you don’t, it’s pretty easy to find out.

Just search for your keyword in Google; the results are who you’re in competition with.

Make a list of them and move to the next step.

Find Their Links

The best tool for finding backlinks is Ahrefs; it has the most extensive index, which means you get a more detailed report.


Run each of your competitors through Ahrefs to find their backlinks.

Once you have a list, you need to work through and analyze each one of them and ask yourself how your competitor won that link because you need to use the same strategy to do so too. It can be a little time-consuming but it’ll be worth it.

Make sure you filter out any crappy links that will do you more harm than good.

For any site, you like the look of, replicate your competitors link building strategy.

Testimonial Link Building

It might sound too easy to be true, but it isn’t. Using this strategy can help you build strong homepage backlinks.

The idea is pretty simple:

Reach out to products or services you already use or have used in the past. Give them a testimonial and more often than not it’ll be published with a link back to your site. Bonus points if it gets published on the homepage.

It only takes a couple of steps to complete but can be super beneficial:

Find Products Or Services You’ve Used

This part should be pretty easy; all you have to do is think back to any products or services you’ve used and make a list of them. Make sure they are relevant to the site and that you’ve actually used them.

Contact The Right People

The key is to reach out to the right people; again, you can use the tools and FindThatLead.

The tools both have free versions that can effectively find all the emails that are linked to that website. 

From there, it’s all about reaching out and pitching your testimonial idea.

Wrapping Up

Without link building, it’s very unlikely your landing pages are going to rank. The myth that link building is hard isn’t necessarily true.

It takes a lot of work but using the strategies above; it’s an achievable task with high reward.


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