Creating Landing Pages: DIY Or Delegate?

January 8, 2019

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A landing page is a staple in digital marketing. You simply cannot create a credible offering without such a basic component. It’s almost like trying to make a functioning car without a body frame.

Now, thanks to the Internet, there’s just so much information available to a wide audience that you can practically learn anything just by doing extensive research on a particular topic.

It’s because of this ability to share information as well as to access it that there have been more people who do things themselves instead of hiring a professional to do these tasks for them.

However, this isn’t true for EVERY task. As far as landing pages are concerned, there are two paths that are available to you. And well, you’ve guessed it. Either you do things yourself or you hire an agency to help you with your web development project.

So, how do you decide whether or not you should DIY? Well, there are a few things that you need to consider:


As with most cases that involve any form of DIY, you’re going to be able to save a lot of money here. If you hire an agency to make a 2-3 screen long landing page, you’re apt to spend about a thousand dollars. And that’s without the extra marketing features.

Also, consider the logistics issues you might run into if you’re working with an agency that’s overseas, such as making complex wire transfers and coordinating the project tasks across different time zones.


While both landing page options are technically editable, the sense of control is what becomes the main allure for website owners to go DIY. It’s almost like playing with building blocks in the sense that you can design your landing pages any way you see fit.

On the other hand, you need to work in collaboration with your agency if you want to make any changes to your website, so any changes you may want to make will take time to implement.


Now, here’s where things get tricky if you decide to create your own landing pages. As with most tasks, it requires time. This means having to do trial and error as well as trying to find methods that could for you. It’s an arduous task to say the least.

Delegating this task to an agency not only frees up a lot of time, and this valuable time can be put to much better use such as connecting with your target audiences. Time also has something to do with the next item.

Skill Required

Creating your own landing pages is a viable option only if you have the skills and experience to get you through the task with minimal error. Without skill and knowledge, you’re going to use a great amount of effort in trying to learn some key concepts that most agencies would have already known.

Most agencies have several members that are certified in a wide array of computer science-related tasks. If you DIY without the skill and the technical know-how, you may even be adding to the problem.

Agencies will not only be able to give you the website that you really want, they’ll also be able to make suggestions on how to improve your website.

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