Building the Landing Page Form Builder

December 10, 2015

We listened to your feedback and are proud to announce a revamp of our form builder. The new builder is more powerful and intuitive for conversion focused forms.

Here’s what the old interface looked like BEFORE:

Landing page form builder (old)

Here’s our new builder looks like AFTER the revamp. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Landing Page Form Builder

It’s  a new workflow. Users can now choose from ready-made fields and labels. Most of the time, landing pages require pretty standard fields such as Name, Email, Phone etc. so we’ve made it a single click operation. For anything further we have given easy customization options on the right side panel.

New features in our Landing Page Form Builder 

Marketers will love using this form builder to create forms without the help of IT and designer teams. So, if you’re looking to build a landing page with a form for Lead-Gen, Free-Downloads or just a plain simple contact form, then this will be a great tool for you.

landing page form builder icon

Form Labels and Fields

  • A one-click addition of popular fields like name, email, phone etc.
  • You can create any custom field of your choice using the many field type options such as radio, checkbox, dropdown, URL, text area etc.
  • Pre-validation on the popular fields such as name, phone number, email with appropriate error handling.
  • Text labels can be given on top of the input boxes or hidden away if you would like.
  • The form labels can be formatted with font-color, font-family and more.
  • The help text within the fields can also be customized.
  • Select which fields are mandatory or not.


Form Buttons

  • The form button (submit) can be customized in terms of color, size, width, text, rounded corners, alignment and font-family, font-weight as well as font-size.
  • Customize the interactions upon user clicking the button. This includes the thank you message, the instant email notification to administrator as well as providing a redirect URL.


Responsive Form Layout and Styling

The form on the landing page is responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop devices based on the bootstrap framework. You can:

  • Drag and drop, order or re-order the form fields.
  • Drag and drop the form on the landing page and re-size the form.
  • Edit the form background color, margin padding, border, border weight and border color.
  • Set up the initial configuration and edit settings in one place instead of two different places.
  • Build form boxes/ fields with rounded corners as well as change their height.
  • Build multiple forms on the same page.

Like what you see? Go ahead and give the new landing page form builder a spin! Better yet, leave us your comments here on what improvements you would like to see in our builder.

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  • Macrovista Inc

    July 2, 2018 02:07

    Hello Sunny Team,

    Do you have a thank you page after a user filled up a form? As of now, we only see a popup and it does not produce URL variable result. Cheers and more power.

    – MVPL Team

    • Vin at Sunny

      July 4, 2018 07:07

      Yes – we allow you to do a URL redirect. So instead of the pop-up the user is redirected to the thank you page.


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