How To Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

August 2, 2018


Landing pages are probably the most simple and obvious thing on your website, yet sometimes they’re really hard to get. And it rattles when you see those visitors going away without performing a productive action.

While the average landing page conversion rate is somewhere around 2.35%, yet the top 25% companies are converting at 5.31% or higher.

Everyone wants to get in the league of the highest 25%. This article will point out some factors that might help you in achieving this goal, given that you do it right.

Follow these six easy steps and boost your landing page conversation rate today.

1.Be Clear Of Your Goals

Since you are running a business you are obviously clear about your goals and what you are aiming for. But you’d be surprised with how many times people go wrong with this one aspect of landing page. The biggest problem is sometimes the lagging pages lack focus and do not give the audience a clear idea about what they are signing up for.

Things that might distract visitors from knowing your actual goal:

  • Too many call-to-actions. In this offering a wide range of options is not going to help you.
  • Don’t bombard your visitors with too many irrelevant discount offers
  • Don’t go into heave detail about your brand. A brief paragraph stating how your brand will help the visitor is enough.
  • Don’t try to forcibly push the visitor into buying your product by pacing a CTA that says something like “Buy Now”. Something that says, “Learn more” seems more appropriate for a CTA.

So, make sure that your landing page is correctly imparting your goal so that you can boost your conversation rate.

2. Grab Eyeballs Using Concise And Attractive Headlines

You only have a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and you don’t want to waste it away by using too lengthy or generic headlines. Apart from concise and attractive your headline should be BOLD – the first thing that the visitors see when they end up on your landing page. Also, make sure the customer knows what your brand is all about, just after reading your headline.

See this headline below:


It gives a perfect idea about what the company is all about and what services they offer. These mere few words will help you boost your conversation rate, so choose your headline correctly.

3. While You Are At It, Don’t Forget The Subhead

Done with a winning Heading?

Don’t think that your work is done yet.

Aren’t you overlooking something important? Something that will act as a “closer” to your “opening” headline. This is your chance to tell your visitor a little something more about your services. Add something that you couldn’t include in your Heading.


Your subheading will compel the visitor to dive into reading the further details about your product. This is one step closer to the actual sale.

Your Subheading should be:

  • Convincing
  • Up to the point
  • And Genuine

4. Highlight Your Call-To-Action

As the name suggests, your call-to-action should compel the visitor into taking an action. This mere button is the key to boost conversion rate.


Keep these things in mind while making your CTAs

  • Colours like blue, orange or green to create a contrast between your CTA and your website’s background.
  • The size shouldn’t be too small, however, neither should it be too big so as to scare away the visitor. A right size in accordance with the whole layout will work best for you.
  • Now comes the message which will put emphasis on your CTA.

5. Arm Yourself With Testimonials

When you add some positive testimonials to your website, people can see for themselves that you mean business.

When I say reviews and testimonials, I’m not talking about those weak and short reviews that goes like this:

“Nice Company” – John C.

“Wonderful Work” – Casey L.

“Thanks” – Paula H.

These type of testimonials are not only short, but seem relatively fake (even if they are not).

Do you know any John? No? Neither do I.

And who the heck are Paula and Casey?

Doesn’t these testimonials sound staged to your own ears?

These pseudonymous, rather than helping you might end up hurt your credibility

Your testimonials should resonate your services concisely – how your brand helped the client, what amount of work you put in to benefit your client and so on. Having said that, the testimonials shouldn’t be exaggerated either.

This is what a winning testimonial might look something like this:

Like Aeroleads, if possible, add your current clients on the side. When people see that you are already serving credible companies, they are bound to trust you more.

Also, did you notice that the testimonial includes full name and business, both. This testimonial is not only convincing but can also be used a referral. All in all, it will give a little nudge to the prospect in the right direction.

6. Optimise Your Landing Page Form

Landing page form is of paramount importance because it where the client will. It is the quickest way of converting a lead into a prospective customer. But it is one thing that a lot of people are doing wrong. Either they ask for too much information or simply irrelevant information.

The key to a visually simpler and optimised landing form page is – Only ask for information you can’t do without.

Name – Okay

Email address – of course, how else will you contact the client.

Phone Number – Okay, that’s fine too.


Purpose – Yes, but now is your cue to end the form.

However, enterprises commit a drastic mistake of getting carried away with their landing page forms. It results in prospect seeing the form but getting too annoyed to fill it.

Thinks you should avoid asking on your landing page:

First Name and Last name. Why not just ‘Name’?

Asking for their company name? Again, what is the need? You can always ask them later. Let them come on board first.

What about the home phone, cell phone, work phone, country, state… and so on?

This type of landing form is sure to deter your prospects into filling out the form. No one has that much time at their hands. Even if the visitor starts to fill out the form, chances are, they’ll give up midway. Remember, more information you ask, more will be your bounce rate. And this is one headache you don’t need.

There, it wasn’t so difficult, was it? Who said boosting your landing page conversion rate is not a difficult? Follow this six-step guide and see the results for yourself.

About the Author

About the Author: Deepti Jain is an engineering student who has a knack for writing and is currently working at AeroLeads as a Content Writer.


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