How Beginners Can Start Affiliate Marketing

April 27, 2021

As per Statista, the money spent by businesses on affiliate marketing will rise to $8.2 billion in the US by next year. That means there is still scope for any newbie to grab a slice of that pie.

With people turning to the internet for guidance on purchasing products the affiliate marketing is a lucrative option. If you also want to learn how to move ahead into affiliate marketing, here are some tips to follow.

Decide on one platform

Though there are many platforms to start your affiliate marketing, it is always profitable to set up a blog or YouTube channel to get started. Once your website is up, you have to improve its search ranking.

SEO guidelines will help you incorporate the correct keywords and headings to help you get the top position. For the YouTube channel, you will have to upload videos describing the product you are promoting. You can read Commission hero reviews here and find out more about affiliate marketing.

Choose the niche

Next, you have to decide which niche you will like to work in. The number of bloggers in the USA is rising at a rapid pace. Choose a topic that you are pretty knowledgeable about. Also, do not focus on a large category; pick up a topic that is a subpart.

For Example, fashion is a vast genre, so pick up luxury watches as not many people would pick up a sub-genre. Since many affiliate sites die early because of a lack of interesting information, it is always wise to pick up a topic you are passionate about.

Find an affiliate program

There are three types of affiliate programs you can choose from.

  • High paying Low volume affiliate program– These are programs that pay you a good amount. However, these are niche products; hence finding buyers for them is tough.

  • Low paying high volume– These programs pay less, but the overall appeal for these programs is very high. The most significant advantage of these programs is that they offer lots of products to sell, thus increasing your earning.

  • High paying high volume- These are programs for products with high appeal and also pay you well. For example, credit cards which stay with a particular customer for the long term.

Create good content

Next, you should find out great content that actually works. Don’t just list the products from Amazon without doing any research. Pick up information that convinces the customers to buy your product.

You obviously cannot purchase every product to review it on the blog. Therefore start first by writing about products that you have already used and are comfortable with.


Entering into affiliate marketing is a popular earning method these days. If you are interested too, you must follow the above guidelines carefully. In most cases, success comes to those who are passionate about making this work.

In case of confusion, you can look for online resources that give you the proper guidance. Though affiliate marketing takes some time to settle down, in the end, you will yield great results, and money will follow too.


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