Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO

October 19, 2018

You might have a local business that wants to increase its reach with an online presence or a new business that wants to gain more customers, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way to get to those customers and gain leads for your business. Every company uses SEO techniques to reach more users which in turn gets them business. So if your competitors are using SEO and getting conversions, doesn’t it make sense for you to appoint an SEO agency, too?

Here are six reasons why your company needs SEO for better leads and conversions

1.    Local SEO Gets You Conversions

Local optimisation works for a particular area, region, states, etc. helping the user in finding your business in local listings for a specific region, getting them one step closer to you. Due to a tremendous increase in mobile searches, using local SEO becomes a necessity for any business to make their presence known to the customer. Usage of maps, voice searches and using ‘near me’ strings for finding restaurants, stores, stationery shops, etc. can aid you rank on the listings with the help of local SEO. Google My Business is one way of getting there by registering your business and providing all the information like location, products available, landmarks, contact number, reviews of your service, pictures, etc. This can also get you traffic on your website by providing the users with links of your site and various social media information to follow recent activities of your business. SEO agencies optimise your business for local SEO to get leads and conversions by creating your digital presence for a specific vicinity.

2.    SEO Offers A Better User Experience

Users are on the internet to find something and want to get it quickly after visiting a couple of websites. If your website is not user-friendly, the person has already exited your site to visit another. This is called as bounce rate where a user leaves your site right after clicking on it, indicating Google of a bad experience which could affect your ranking. Also, every company online knows that the only way to get business is through organic traffic. Organic traffic means that a user is on your website with an intention of buying and if they are convinced they will turn into potential customers. Hence, optimising your site for a better user experience aids you in getting business. SEO agencies take care of these technical parameters like correcting the font size and spacing the texts for better visuals, making your site mobile-friendly, enhancing your page speed, de-cluttering your site from ads, etc.

3.    Aid In Getting On First Page Of Google Results

Google has created many algorithms for meeting user intent so that the pages ranking on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) have relevant content that is authentic. Hence, most users rarely view the second page for their query and that is the reason why your site has to be on the first page. And honestly, getting on the first page is not easy and cannot be done in a couple of days. SEO agencies take up this work to better your ranking by planning on-page and off-page strategies where the number of backlinks, quality of content, various pages that need to be created, the ads that have to be used, etc. are properly mapped out. None of these strategies work immediately but slowly start improving your ranking on SERPs which will eventually land your website on page one.

4.    Updates Your Page With Google’s New Revisions

Google keeps releasing new updates and revises its algorithms for ranking relevant pages to solve user query. Google always wants the user’s needs to be met when they search for something and not rank insignificant pages because it has used SEO techniques. With new updates coming in, the features of Google and parameters for ranking high keep changing. SEO helps in taking all the new revisions and updating your website accordingly for better user experience and for you to rank higher. Missing out on updates like featured snippets, having HTTPS instead of HTTP, adding citations and references to your content, Your Money Your Life (YMYL) website update, etc. would impact your ranking and in turn affect your traffic significantly. Hence, hiring an SEO agency saves you by not having to read the extensive Google quality guidelines and keeping up with the newer features and updates.

5.    Builds Credibility

I have always trusted whatever information the first ranking website provided me when I wanted to research something, so do most people! Hence, ranking high builds the credibility of your page and earns the trust of your user. But this doesn’t mean you can get away with publishing or selling anything on the internet. Google has set strict terms on YMYL pages and only considering those that have citations and references. References need to be from a reputed website that can back up those claims. SEO helps in giving credibility to your page by providing quality backlinks, backing up your content with valid references, giving superior quality content, etc.


SEO for today’s day and age plays a vital role as the internet has become the means of reaching people. Without SEO, it would be difficult to get relevant and credible information online. SEO can influence users not only around you but also extend your reach to the world with just the internet and that is the reason to implement SEO.

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