5 Must-Follow Tips for Writing a Service Page That Converts

February 5, 2019

service landing page

Selling a service is tough. It is somewhat different from selling a product. When someone buys a damaged or faulty product, they know if there are any problems with it, you can return it and get a refund. But when it comes to services, how do you evaluate them? And how can you know that they will be of good quality? It is extremely hard to distinguish good services from the poor ones on the Internet.

That is why not all of the service landing pages are convertible and popular with potential customers. In this article, you will find 5 tips that will show you how to make you page convertible, as well as service page examples that you can follow developing your own.


  1. Create structure.

First and foremost, create a brief on services and their types. Target ideal client and highlight all positive sides of using your website. This will give you a competitive advantage by showing them how their problems can be solved. Sometimes it is hard to lay out all the services you have, but by giving a short description on the front page, you can direct customers to the one they need. You can check Hortonworks to get an idea of how they do it.

Secondly, give the glimpse on who your target is. Describe your ideal clients, so that everyone can have a clue about those who generally use your services. Suppose you try to sell the free college essay writing service. In this case, in the description, you need to put something like, “We are popular with students from universities and colleges,” and, “If you want to try our services, don’t hesitate, and place your order now!”

Finally, create a section with prices and testimonials. When dealing with a service, people, usually, want to know the exact price of what they order, and how long will it take to provide it.


  1. Research the audience

If you are not quite sure how to write good content for the page – try to ask your potential clients about their needs. This is an essential part of every marketing strategy – you need to find the demand among desires of the customers. Try to start from the general market research and use online questionnaires, or simply look at your main rivals and how their websites are designed.

This is a very popular approach among business management platforms like Domo where customers are segmented by the industry. Another example is Salesforce Marketing Cloud which specializes in digital marketing and whose quite minimalist website contains reviews from the companies that used them.


  1. Do not write skimpy copy

Plagiarism has become a very painful thing in the website building these days. Be careful and do not try to copy someone`s style or the look of the page. First, it is impolite and, secondly, it will show that your team lacks creativity.


  1. Conversion opportunity

Give your customers an option to subscribe or schedule the meeting or a call. You can even come up with a “subscribe now” pop-out so that you know they stay tuned to the latest updates and can easily be transferred to leads.

This might be useful for the medical services or job boards, as signing up for them your potential clients may monitor bonuses, opportunities and discounts they like. For example, iVision gives a full brochure of services that can be acquired.


  1. Articulate your services.

Make it clear to the customer how the process of providing a service looks like. Do it like Medallia – their website explains the solutions of “how we can help you” giving details on the processes. Also, if you want to provide a managerial solution, you can follow the template of Achievers and describe each solution and how it will affect the ROI by providing statistic reports etc.

All in all, when you want to conquer the Internet – you should stick to these simple rules: be precise, be creative and know your audience. The more you learn about the market, the more you will know about the needs and gaps that you can fill in with your services. Hire a decent web designer and ask them to create an original and minimalist website that will catch up with the latest trends, but will not copy the major competitors. And with all the above in mind, you will surely achieve success in your area.

About the Author: Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock is a digital marketing and sales expert and has been engaged in service pages development for many years. Jeff knows how to boost the sales of your services online and is ready to consult anyone who needs his help. In his free time, he also writes posts on digital marketing and services promotion.

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