5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

August 19, 2018

content mistakes 2019

In 2019, it seems that every website’s owner understands the importance of content marketing. Everyone tries to create as much content as possible to excel in the market. As a consequence, the overall volume of content production keeps growing.

However, there is an opposite tendency in the quality of content. Most content creators keep making common mistakes, even without noticing that. If you want to know which mistakes to avoid crafting a content marketing strategy, just keep reading.

Content is not unique
The first rule of effective content marketing is to produce 100% unique content. Unfortunately, some website owners don’t take this rule seriously. They wrongly believe that if they copy an article from another site and edit it here and there, they will get the desired results.
But the truth is that it’s impossible to fool the search engine. It takes Google just a few seconds to detect plagiarism and penalize a website.

So if you want to climb to the top of Google search results, you should craft every piece of content from scratch.

Here is a list of tools and services, which might help you.
• GrabMyEssay. If you need to rewrite existing content, check this service. Professional writers will help you to improve your articles and make them 100% unique.
• Small SEO Tools. This is a reliable plagiarism checker. Whether you write articles by yourself or order them online, use this tool to make sure that level of uniqueness is high enough.
HotEssayService. If you urgently need an original article, try this service. SEO writers will complete your order within 24 hours.
• Canva. If you want to create visual content, visit this user-friendly website. Even if you have no experience in graphic design, you will find it easy to create infographics using the drag-and-drop features and various layouts.

Poor grammar
The second common mistake is the poor quality of content. Most writers try their best to create engaging, informative, and unique articles. But they tend to forget that it’s also important to proofread texts.

The problem is that grammar mistakes and typos scare visitors away. Users believe that if a site’s owner doesn’t care about the article’s quality, it’s highly likely that he doesn’t care about the product’s quality as well.

Another issue is that Google also dislikes poorly written content. If you don’t proofread your blog posts, don’t be surprised why your website is placed on the 15th, not the 1st page of the search results. To improve the quality of your content in terms of grammar, check the following tools and services:
• RewardedEssays. This is an editing and proofreading service. Experts will help you to fix your spelling mistakes and substitute wrongly used words.
• Grammarly. Use this tool to run a spell-check automatically. The system will provide you with suggestions on how to correct common mistakes.

Content is not mobile-friendly
Modern users prefer to surf the web using mobile devices. According to recent research, the share of desktop browsing keeps decreasing, and today it doesn’t exceed 48.7%.

Unfortunately, some copywriters and bloggers have not understood yet, that it’s time to focus on production of mobile-friendly content. They create texts, which looks great at big screens but are not readable on small ones. As a result, websites lose huge potential traffic.

If you want to boost traffic to your site, you should put mobile users first. And if you do the following, Google will rank your page higher:
• Make sure that the font’s style and size fit small screens
• Strive for minimalism. Remove unnecessary pieces of content
• Compress heavy images to make web pages load faster.

Poor readability
Modern people are super busy, and they do everything on the go. They browse websites while driving a car, and make purchases online while walking the dog in the park. They don’t have time to read a long article; they have just three seconds to scan it.

Unstructured texts scare the website’s visitors away. “People just don’t want to waste a few minutes of their precious time to find out whether a page contains information they are looking for or not,” says Neightan White, editor at SupremeDissertations.
If you want to make visitors stay at your website for longer, you should improve readability. You can do it in the following way:
• Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Make your content skimmable.
• Don’t overuse passive voice. People find it easier to read sentences written in active voice.
• Add headings and subheadings. Make sure that they are relevant and contain keywords.
• Add bulleted lists. Highlight the most important ideas.

Content is not personalized
Those copywriters, who undervalue the importance of personalization, make a huge mistake. They produce tons of content, which no one really needs.

The issue is that there are a billion pages online, and most of them contain generalized content. But modern users demand personalized content. They want to read blog posts, which answer their specific questions, not only present well-known facts.

If you want to create personalized content, you should analyze your target audience and its preferences in details.

You should know how old your readers are, where they live, and what level of income they have. You should find out what questions they want to be answered.

It will help you to understand what you should write about. You will know which topics to discuss and what writing style to use to appeal to the target audience.

Wrapping it up
Probably, this article will not help you to solve all your problems, but at least will help you to eliminate common mistakes. Take into account the recommendation given, and you will increase organic traffic to your website.

Never forget that the success of your company is in your hands. If you want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, strive for excellence and keep working on your mistakes.

Author BIO:

Bridgette Hernandez is a Master in Anthropology and Digital Marketing. Currently, she works as a content marketer at IsAccurate. In the nearest future, Bridgette will publish her first book, where she shares useful tips on how to grow the personal brand. Apart from work and writing, she likes reading sci-fi books, practicing karate, and teaching her Doberman some tricks.


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