4 Reasons Why Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever

June 25, 2020


Content marketing has been around for a long time. Some might say that it’s been around well before the advent of the internet or digital marketing.

But even though there’s an abundance of methods for promoting your business online, nothing comes even close to content marketing. It remains as effective as ever and is sure to stay just as relevant for many years to come. You can hire entire digital marketing teams to analyze data and create the best campaigns or a pr agency to streamline your success in the online world and make sure your brand’s public image is impeccable. 

And the data backs this up as well.

Content marketing is as much as three times more effective than other advertising methods while costing over 60% less to put the campaigns together. 

What’s more, 80% of consumers like learning about a business through their content, so if you’re able to tell engaging stories through it, you will be able to grab the attention of the vast majority of the people that you are trying to reach.

But how exactly can content marketing help you? And why does it remain such an integral part of any comprehensive marketing strategy?

Let’s explore some of the most prominent reasons below.

It’s an Indispensable Lead-Gen Tool

Lead generation is a vital part of sustaining a business. And yet, the majority of marketers name generating leads as their biggest challenge, which shows that many of them aren’t utilizing all of the available tools for getting more qualified and well-targeted customers into their funnel.

In fact, at a time when audiences are becoming more sophisticated and are harder to persuade using sales messaging, content acts as a way to break through the defense barriers and start conversations that can ultimately result in prosperous long-term relationships.

But how exactly can content marketing help you generate leads?

There are a few ways how content marketing can ensure you never run out of targeted customers to market to.

For one thing, content marketing can act as a magnet that draws traffic to your site. But while that sounds good, it’s not even the best part. 

There are plenty of methods that can get you visitors to your site, but in many cases, you will find that the traffic is either unfocused, not targeted, or simply not a good fit for what you have to offer.

Meanwhile, high-quality content can act as a barrier that filters out people who are not interested in what you have to offer and only attract those that are intrigued by the insights that you are sharing online.

That way, the people that click through are much more likely to be interested, and they will be already primed to want to learn more by the time they reach your site.

What’s more, you can use the content as a strategic tool for gaining access to audiences you couldn’t reach otherwise. 

By producing relevant and engaging articles, you can get published on highly relevant websites that have millions of readers, providing you a wider reach than you could gain using any other method.

Finally, as you put together articles and videos about your past experiences and successes, you are showing prospective clients that you have overcome problems similar or identical to those they are facing right now. Often, this will be more than enough to overcome their objections and get them to reach out about working together.

It Helps Increase Customer Lifetime Value

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, nurturing the relationships with your customers will be more important than ever. With the economy slowing down, people will be much more hesitant about parting with their money, so you will need to ensure that your current clients remain loyal and are willing to continue working together.

And while you may not think that customer lifetime value and content marketing are directly related, there’s actually a very strong correlation of companies that regularly put out high-quality content and have a loyal following that remains with them for many years.

If used correctly, content can become much more than just an article you post on your blog. You can use articles, videos, social media posts, and emails to connect with your customers during all the stages of the buyer journey, providing value and strengthening the relationship in the process.

Various thought leaders have suggested that content marketing can help increase customer lifetime value, especially when your content is useful, entertaining, encourages interaction, and is part of a broader strategy that’s designed to achieve a bigger goal.

Instead of having to rely on promotional messages to keep customers engaged, you can provide them with a steady stream of relevant content, which they are sure to appreciate. 

Using this approach, introducing new products, addressing pressing needs, or even reminding them of your company will become something that your audience looks forward to and actively engages with instead of a disruption, as is usually the case with outbound marketing.

Essential for SEO


Most marketers look at content marketing as a useful tool for achieving SEO goals. But in reality, SEO wouldn’t even be possible without producing high-quality content, and the two go together like PB&J

This is exactly why many marketers struggle to rank, even when they use all the gimmicks and tactics that the SEO world is talking about, while other companies rank on page one while barely doing anything at all to deliberately improve their SEO rankings. 

Google has gotten really good at differentiating between content that is actually valuable, insightful, and engaging, and fluff pieces that are designed to look appealing without adding any real value.

So, even if you don’t know much about SEO, if you put in the effort in producing engaging and informative content month after month, you will likely find that a lot of your articles start bringing in organic traffic seemingly on their own.

For one thing, when you publish a high-quality article, your audience will not only read it but will likely want to share it. Other people in the industry will also find it useful and will want to build on it or add their own opinions, which will quickly get your content all over the web.

This way, without having to put in even a little bit of effort, you’ll get a ton of top-quality backlinks that will serve as an essential SEO signal for Google, showing that your content kicks ass and deserves to rank high.

Now, if you also take the time to do a little bit of keyword research to make your content easier to recognize, that won’t hurt. But in reality, when you put the quality of the content first, success with SEO tends to follow more often than not.

Just make sure to use grammar checker tools because even if the information is solid, you still want your readers (and Google) to be able to understand what you’re trying to say and keywords can be tricky. 

Over time, the content that you produce will add up, resulting not only in high-ranking individual pages but in high website rankings as well. Google and other search engines will know that your articles are valuable and will be much more likely to rank them quickly, even if you don’t put in much extra effort in promoting them.

Gain Authority Status


When you’re trying to carve out a place in a market, you usually won’t be working with a lot of trust from the prospects that you want to engage with. And unfortunately, there are no overnight solutions that can instantly get an audience to trust that you can deliver on your promises.

But besides providing exceptional service to all of your clients, content marketing is probably the single most powerful method for gaining authority as quickly as possible.

In fact, with a strategic approach to content marketing that builds authority, you can successfully enter even the most competitive markets and build a loyal following of customers. 

To make this work, however, you will need to carefully plan out each step and make sure that each piece of content that you produce directly impacts how your audience will perceive you.

And that comes down to getting to know your audience on a deep and personal level.

You will need to get involved on social media, online groups, and in person, learning about some of the biggest challenges, obstacles, and frustrations that your audience is facing. You will also need to keep a finger on the pulse of new developments and the hottest conversations in your niche, as that will help you tap into the discussion and insert your own unique take on the subject.

When creating content, it’s always better to go narrow and deep rather than broad and shallow. You can create engaging and fascinating content around the tiniest of subtopics, as long as the information is relevant and contains proven, tested, and actionable information that the readers can apply in their situation.

Sure, this approach will take time and will require quite a lot of effort. But if you remain persistent, you will soon find that every new post will not only get a lot of attention in your niche, but that other thought leaders start working off the insights that you provide, providing each piece that you publish a broader reach and cementing your status as a reliable source of information.


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