3 Sure Ways to Be a Better Communicator Online

November 16, 2018

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Guest Post:

There is not a soul in our immediate environment today who has never been online at least once in the past two weeks. Life now is just so intertwined with the Internet. In fact, a majority of the people that we meet have a Facebook account, a Twitter handle, or an Instagram page. Some even have all three and more.

We are indeed now in the digital age, so it’s important for a business owner like you to take your communication efforts online. By doing so, you will have more reach and your advertising or promotions costs will not be put to waste.

Your efforts to reach out will pay off even more if you know how to get the message across effectively. We give here tips that will help your communication campaigns become more effective online.

1. Insert emotion in your message

People tend to respond better to communications that sound human. Yes, graphs and statistics are persuasive but only up to a certain extent. You must not overload your message with them because they make it sound too stoic and rigid to the point that the warmth gets lost. For sure, people want facts and reliable information, but they tend to want those things in a way that they can relate to.

In this world, nothing is more universal and relate-able than emotions. So include references to them in your message. How are people reacting to your service? What frustrations and difficulties does your product eliminate?

2. Reply and engage well

Efforts to reach out become more effective when the recipients of your message get to ask questions and interact with you. The different social media platforms make this a lot easier through their easy-to-use commenting sections. Many companies now have social media managers whose main function is to interact with customers, providing additional inputs or answering queries. Responding to customers conveys the message that you care. It also tells your customers that their inputs matter to you and ultimately your business.


3. Fit your message to your target’s experience

Generic messages, no matter how positively they are framed, are most likely going to be ignored by users. It’s intriguing, but people tend to pay attention to messages that appear to be made specially for them. If you want them to at least read what you have to say, spend some time knowing their backgrounds and collective stories.

This is called market research and many professionals in the advertising field are using this a lot. Once you know some background details, anchor the message on them. Doing this makes not only the message but also you very relate-able.

All these principles apply to your landing pages templates and conversion funnels. Unless you think about your target’s experience and get them to relate to you using an emotional appeal, you will find your landing page will not perform as desired.

Communicating to customers is not difficult, but it’s not something that you can just take for granted either. You will still have to be systematic and strategic in sending your messages across. Now if finding the right strategy and system is challenging for you, you can always get the help of communication professionals like those from EraserFarm. They have the experience and training that you can take advantage of to get your message out to your customers effectively.

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