2019 Landing Page Trends To Stay Competitive

March 6, 2019

2019 landing page trends

It’s another year. And much like , like the perpetual changing of seasons that have always been since time immemorial, every new year brings with it a slew of new trends. This is true regardless of what industry you operate in. And while it happens in every industry, the rate at which these trends rise and fall vary depending on your chosen field.


Among the industries, fashion and technology seem to exhibit the quickest rate of change. And naturally, with a high rate of change comes a higher need to be adaptable to it. Web development, it seems, has many aspects that are all privy to this rate of change — it is as dynamic as the direction of the winds and the crashing of the waves.


Landing pages are an essential part of any website. They are, in essence, the face of your website. From them, first impressions are derived and thus, the success or failure of your website in the blink test rests heavily on your landing pages. In fact, landing pages are also a good way on how to get car sales leads, or any type of lead for that matter.


Times are changing and only those who are able to keep up with these changes are able to reap the full benefits. So, there’s no question about it. You want to stay competitive in this over-saturated market. And if you want to do so, these are the landing page trends that you should not only take note of, you should also apply them.

Smoother Geometrics

If you haven’t been taking design cues from Google and Samsung’s software, then here’s the scoop. We’re starting to see less of the sharp and industrial design that every OS used to sport. Android Pie and One UI both emanate this design trend well for a livelier presentation. Their use of warmer colors and curved edged will give your landing page a more welcoming vibe.



What your brand represents plays a very vital role in this design choice, and thus, color palettes truly hold a heavy weight in your website’s appeal. If your brand is trying to exude a fun and lively image, then you should steer clear of this design trend as the grayscale palette is best utilized by brands and websites that want to have a thought-provoking and profoundly serious tone.



They say that you need to show some effort if you want to get some love. This trend holds true to that old adage. Microanimations and microinteractions are subtle (and extra) little details in a website. Things such as hover texts, scrolling animations, and page transitions all contribute to an overall more appealing website. It’s these small touches that actually catch and hold the attention of a visitor. This is especially important since your goal is to create a lasting impression.



While chatbots aren’t something new to the tech business, you’re going to see a couple of upgrades to the program for this year. You can definitely expect them to now come with artificial intelligence to help create a more interactive and natural experience for your audience. And while the technology has yet to become a mainstay, you can bet that this is one upgrade that you don’t want to miss out on.


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